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  • colin colin Jun 1, 2012 16:51 Flag

    Liverpool sign best manager in the country

    dsteer...great post Dave pretty well mirrors my owsn thoughts on upcoming season. Looking fw to how much more we play wide under BR...As u say Sterling could thrive under his tutelage. Think we might also see BR with his tactics getting the best out of Downing too. Like u thinking on Carrol ...the way u put it reminds me of that extra dimednsion we always had tactically when Crouchie was with us ...kept the opposition guessing what we would do next..I was sorry to see him go. I do think that for a big man Carrol has excellent control and the ability to turn quickly without needing too much space to do so and this ability in itself could open all kinds of options for Suarez to play off...would have liked to have seen Kenny given another season but am happy to see the arrival of BR and am looking fw to seeing his tactics when we kick off the new season. Good Luck to him !!!

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