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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jun 4, 2012 11:46 Flag

    Liverpool sign best manager in the country

    No we need the owners to step up and compete in the transfer market.. otherwise we'll be lucky just to qualify for thw CL.. but never get a sniff at a EPL title..

    Not whilst Chelsea are spending a reported £250m on players...Man City too will be spending huge too..

    So whats left for LFC? In an ideal world we'd too have rich owners too who wouldn't sweat on spending huge..

    We spent £110m to the likes of Chelsea & Man City thats a tiny amount..

    Are we worried as fans of LFC we'll just get left behind?

    The big problem is we don't have a new stadium in order to attract better players and get more money to buy these players...

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    • Do you always live in a world of perpetual panic?

      There are plenty of players to go round. Some of them will be decent too. They cant buy all the best players. City and Chelsea's spending guarantees only one thing. A big overdraft. It is no guarantee of EPL titles, Champions League success or even qualification.

      How much did Chelsea spend last year? £50m on Torres, £20m on Luiz, and Then something similar on Mata. They still didn't qualify for the CL. To their credit they won a very big pot but the spending does not buy you certainty. Better players give you a better chance and nothing more. Remember City and United were put to the sword by teams with far smaller budgets in Bilbao etc. Chelsea were nearly embarressed by Napoli.

      Players do not come for the stadium. They come for money and trophies. Some may come for the club. hankfully spending wisely is still the most important thing. We've not done so well on that front recently so cross fingers we can do better from now on.

    • Did you ever read up on FFP like I advised you to? If you do I think you'll understand why the owners will not, and in fact should not splash the cash beyond what the club is generating.

      Go find yourself a Beskitas fan and ask them if it was worth going into debt in pursuit of a league title, which btw was unsuccessful.