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  • Robert M Robert M Jun 6, 2012 20:21 Flag

    Thanks Dirk and good luck!

    Holland's ugliest man? He wasn't even Holland's ugliest striker when playing in the same team as Robben or Ruud van Horseface.

    In the last decade there have been players of yours I have liked and players of yours I haven't liked. He is very close to the top of the players I have liked list. Good luck to him.


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    • Come on Robert, he looked like Chunk out of the Goonies!

    • As ugly as Robben and RVN may be, they are male models compared to the ugliness of SuperDirk, in fact, it has inspired a new avatar for me......

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      • I fear our Dirk may have fallen out of the ugly tree as a child but even as one of his greatest critics (bordering Armchair levels) I could not fault the dedication or work he put in onthe field for us. As said once that engine begins to falter the end will be near. He just hasn't got the first touch or ability to play any other way but he is going to a place where he can get some Champions League football.

        One last thing that I never did give him credit for was the balance he brought to the side. Even though he was played out of position, and could often drift out of position (more so as an out an out striker) he still gave us balance on that side.

        Thanks for all your effort and enjoy Fenerbache