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  • Its suggested that Aqua will still prefer to be in Italy although in both the last 2 seasons he suggested publicly he wanted to play here. Again this year he has said he wants to talk to the new manager as he is happy to stay if he gets a chance to play, most people are of the thinking that a possesion based game will suit him perfectly, will be interesting to see how it unravels.

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    • He may still want to play in Italy.. so what do we do? Put him in the shop window? He was effectively in the shop window when he was at Milan..

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      • Presuming BR has not seen Aqua play in person as it’s been 2 seasons since he last played for us in a competitive match other than on DVD, I'd assume he'll want to make his own judgment so will bring him in for pre-season, unless he's sure that Aqua is not in his plans.

        Based on that he'll either have to fight for a place in the squad, or yet again will be in the shop window. Whether that means another loan or a full transfer time will tell. But considering he's almost run his contract down (not sure but surely only a year or 2 left on his current deal) he won't cost much for another club to take him off our hands.

        End of the day it’s a combined footballing, but also financial decision. I'm sure BR will be asked to manage the squad wage bill as that was not a KD policy but an FSG policy and I doubt much has changed. It’s not about necessarily keeping the wages down to a particular level (although I'm sure there is an absolute ceiling) but more there is a correlation between value and cost. I don't know what Aqua is on, but I'd assume he's got one of the larger contracts in the squad, so it’s a question of is he worth what we pay him.