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  • £80k per week was always the figure banded around, if specualtion is true and Glenn earns £100k, Maxi £100k, Cole £100k then it doesnt seem ludicrous. He always looked good on the pitch yet nobody really fancied him, am assuming that hes a bit of a cock on the training ground!

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    • To put that into perspective and to set a comparison on if Aqua and or Cole is worth retaining (assuming they want to stay), what would you guess Henderson, Lucas and Shelvey are on?

      Maybe Lucas is on a little more, but i doubt any of them are on more than 50 or 60K a week, and maybe quite a bit lower.

      Are they as good as Aqua and Cole as central midfield options? That's subjective. But if they are not going to get into the starting 11 more regularly than those earning less, not sure a case can be made that they are worth the extra cost.