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  • Colyn Colyn Jun 27, 2012 12:30 Flag

    Gylfi Sigurdsson to be signing no.1

    I've heard that as well. It wouldn't surprise me if we didn't bother. I doubt Rodgers has had much chance to fully assess the squad yet.

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    • Col - I think that Rodgers has had plenty of time to assess the squad, he will have watched vids of every game we've played for the last 2 years at least. OK its not going to give a total picture in terms of how they train and all that, but it will give him 95% of what he needs to know - how they perform in matches and what they need to do to improve.

      On Sigi - I hope we don't get him. Just because he did well for 4 months doesn't mean he's good enough for us. Lets Spurs blast 8 mil plus wages on him.

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      • The Sigurdsson situation is really F'd up as far as I'm concerned and he can walk on right down the road..

        Spurs apparently offered him 70K in wages which is close to what Suarez makes, this was after somewhere in the 40Kish range from us..

        It's about 99% certain he goes to Spurs since Modric also is strongly thought to be out the door.. Gylfi, if he does in fact confirm Spurs on July 1 like he's said, has shown BR a great deal of disrespect and doesn't deserve the shirt, and is also said to be a Utd fan so Spurs are just that natural stepping stone, their headache not ours..

        There are 5-6 other players on Rodgers / FSG board that can do his job, and better..