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  • Jason Jason Jul 2, 2012 18:14 Flag

    Gylfi Sigurdsson to be signing no.1

    Hey Hobs,

    To be honest, I liked Gylfi, but his saga and attitude has really turned me off, especially if there is even an inkling he may still come to LFC. By all accounts, and Soccer Report here in the states which are fairly accurate when it comes to this, he's off to Spurs.. His father seems to be playing like a dirty greedy agent trying to squeeze every last penny out of it.. But right what you say, if we get him, it intereferes with others, SO..

    Since you mentioned specific names and I didn't, we "possibly" could be talking the same 2 players.. I'm under extremely strong impression that one of them is having or has completed a physical at Melwood.. Figure is close to 20M.. I'll let you have a guess.. As for the other name, it's said he's so upset over missing Euros and wanting WC 2014, willing to accept a move for more playing time and lower wages..

    So in being as vague/direct as possible, I would say Gylfi is out of the picture and we're talking 2 other players.. With a 3rd, but I'm not sure I buy that name just yet so mum's the word..

    Just an fyi, Gylfi v Ramirez are 2 totally different players.. Gaston can play both wings and behind a striker, and I'd liken him to a bigger Silva/Ozil who can score goals.. I view Gylfi more of that Modric type, very good in that specific role but not nearly the individual skill as the others mentioned..