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  • Jason Jason Jul 3, 2012 16:41 Flag

    Gylfi Sigurdsson to be signing no.1

    Since you say "you guys" and it's a follow up to my last post, which mind you has not one utterance of a link, post, blog, site, or paper, I have to say it's a bit of a shot, at least for me since I rarely, if ever bother with any of that crap..

    I've said in this thread and others before this, that I'm not "In the know" or have any connection to the club or FSG, however on one or two occasions, I've just heard a thing or two that I believed..

    Unfortunately, and you'll recall my thread "don't shoot the messenger" the most recent, not including this, was finding out Kenny was getting the sack 3 days before he did, and I was sad/reluctant to say anything. Came from the same person who mentioned to me last summer about a young Uruguayan defender coming in very late in the window, which turned out being Coates..

    This is only a blog, so everyone here is entitled to their opinion, comment and to believe what they want.. I have avoided naming any names, though I strongly believe there's one in particular shortly to be coming in, and not via any paper, website, blog or anything else. I can certainly be wrong, as well

    The window is open for 57 more days, we have a new manager, one handpicked by the owners, we have money, we are going to be somewhat active and Rodger's said so on the LFC website today. That's all I have to say about that..