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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jun 6, 2012 14:31 Flag

    Gylfi Sigurdsson to be signing no.1

    Well if you dont count that 13 yr old kid we signed this week of course! Its pretty much through the mill that Gylfi has stepped aside from the proposed deal to sign for Swansea and has reacted to Brendan Rodgers' public flirtation by declaring his interest in LFC, expect a transfer to conclude within the next week!
    The kid plays as a central attacking midfielder with good composure and a delightful touch. He has a knack of scoring goals and is a set piece specialist. Should be good value at £6.8m, cant imagine Swansea were offering monsterous wages either.

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    • It seems he's about to choose us over Spurs.. so it would seem are we a bigger club than Spurs?

    • What's the definition of a Scouse dilemma?

      Free Lidl coupons in The Sun.

    • Gylfi Sigurdsson has just signed for Spurs. Never mind, I think he will be a really, really good player but we will move on.

      I know what your saying Dave about getting excited about every bit of transfer gossip but Sigurdsson had an offer from LFC on the table and extensive talks, that is a certainty. Diame had a deal in place when Kenny was still the manager, that is also a certainty.

      Half the fun of football in my world is the transfer windows, the failed race car having its weaknesses modified and replaced! For me, only the opening day of the season is more exciting then the signature of some highly rated star (who more then likely will flop!) giving hope of good things to come. I know you werent really having a dig but if you cant talk shop in the off season, what the hell else are you going to talk about?!

    • Agreed, and I think we'd both agree there are a few in particular who like to mention every name out there, or start a thread about every Joe, Bob and Steve that "may" be available..

      I'm very cautious about who/what I follow and listen to, and even more cautious about what I actually post or say here in the event I think something might happen..

      This being said, for those who have their heads in the clouds, it's really best to read a story, read the name and think, does this make any sense whatsoever, for the player, LFC and the existing club? Huntelaar would be a perfect example.. As much as I love Cristian Tello of Barca and long ago started a thread, and while it "could" happen... is it likely .. NO.

      Just my opinion to make transfer season a little easier to deal with, make a list of names you like, or the ones persistently out there who do make some sense, stick with them and let the rest of the crap an the actual club's business sort itself out. If anyone's interested in my list, good or bad:
      Gaston Ramirez, Adam Johnson, Younnes Belhanda, Luuk De Jong, Victor Moses, Jackson Martinez, Clint Dempsey, Demba Ba, Soloman Kalou.. No we're not getting all, not even half, but gives me my own focus, everything else is a surprise..

    • Hey Jason, seriously mate I was not having a go, just making an observation. Often what might be spoken gets lost in translation when typed.

      Actually do think yourself and a few others put up measured opinions when it comes to the "who might" come question. My point was that type of speculation is rare during a time when often there is a frenzy of names posted, most of which are unrealistic, or overrated due to sub appearance during the latest international tournament.

    • Dave,
      Since you say "you guys" and it's a follow up to my last post, which mind you has not one utterance of a link, post, blog, site, or paper, I have to say it's a bit of a shot, at least for me since I rarely, if ever bother with any of that crap..

      I've said in this thread and others before this, that I'm not "In the know" or have any connection to the club or FSG, however on one or two occasions, I've just heard a thing or two that I believed..

      Unfortunately, and you'll recall my thread "don't shoot the messenger" the most recent, not including this, was finding out Kenny was getting the sack 3 days before he did, and I was sad/reluctant to say anything. Came from the same person who mentioned to me last summer about a young Uruguayan defender coming in very late in the window, which turned out being Coates..

      This is only a blog, so everyone here is entitled to their opinion, comment and to believe what they want.. I have avoided naming any names, though I strongly believe there's one in particular shortly to be coming in, and not via any paper, website, blog or anything else. I can certainly be wrong, as well

      The window is open for 57 more days, we have a new manager, one handpicked by the owners, we have money, we are going to be somewhat active and Rodger's said so on the LFC website today. That's all I have to say about that..

    • I love how you guys follow every rumor, utterance, tweet or blog out there on the transfer market. I don't doubt some do seem to have some reliable information, and can see how the speculation can be addictive, but to be honest until we get a little closer to the deadline I try to stay back and not get caught up in the whirlwind of speculation, much of which we know is agents bidding up prices or lazy journalists trying to fill inches in columns.

      Actually found Early doors funny today:

      Not saying you lads are looking to spend money for the sake of it, but we all know that is the driver for some (let’s get the best player circa 2002 and pay both a transfer record, and 180K a week), but there is a fine line sometimes between thinking what you'd like on your Christmas list from Santa, and an obsession to have lots of big shiny wrapped boxes under the Christmas tree.

    • Hey Hobs,

      To be honest, I liked Gylfi, but his saga and attitude has really turned me off, especially if there is even an inkling he may still come to LFC. By all accounts, and Soccer Report here in the states which are fairly accurate when it comes to this, he's off to Spurs.. His father seems to be playing like a dirty greedy agent trying to squeeze every last penny out of it.. But right what you say, if we get him, it intereferes with others, SO..

      Since you mentioned specific names and I didn't, we "possibly" could be talking the same 2 players.. I'm under extremely strong impression that one of them is having or has completed a physical at Melwood.. Figure is close to 20M.. I'll let you have a guess.. As for the other name, it's said he's so upset over missing Euros and wanting WC 2014, willing to accept a move for more playing time and lower wages..

      So in being as vague/direct as possible, I would say Gylfi is out of the picture and we're talking 2 other players.. With a 3rd, but I'm not sure I buy that name just yet so mum's the word..

      Just an fyi, Gylfi v Ramirez are 2 totally different players.. Gaston can play both wings and behind a striker, and I'd liken him to a bigger Silva/Ozil who can score goals.. I view Gylfi more of that Modric type, very good in that specific role but not nearly the individual skill as the others mentioned..

    • Hi Jase, been away a few days and you popped up in my head when a few transfer moves started to 'develop'. I got to revert bacvk through a few subject matters in this so may waffle!

      Gylfi looked a cert to go to Spurs but there has been loads of reports including this one where Sigurdssons dad suggests that LFC is still very much on, just that Spurs were offering him wage parity with the average squaddies, that doesnt sound too much of a problem.


      There was a fair bit of speculation that we are signing Gaston Ramirez also, I cant really see us getting both the players though as they are way to similar accompanied by the Joe Coles, Maxis, Aquilanis etc. I think a lot will depend on Gylfis decision (expected today) as to which way we go next. Personally if missing out on Ramirez meant signing both Adam Johnson and Gylfi then that is definitely my preferred way forward.


      The Adam Johnson deal seems to be resting on the brink of his showdown talks with the gaffer as everyone returns to pre season training today. He wants to stay at City but only with more playing time, which I doubt he will see. Seems a round hole round block signing and at £14m-£16m hes a bargain at recent LFC transfer fee levels. £70k per week is not a problem for a player of his quality and ability.

    • Loki, last time it was Kenny and I hated that news, but was sure of it. aka Don't shoot the messenger..

      Source said confidence level was 10/10, that a certain player from Man City will be coming. 14M range, willing to take lower wages.. Not a regular person I talk to, so we'll see on this..

      Under STRONG impression from several, that a certain Uruguayan is only pending a physical.. Not Cavani.. I have much more belief here.. I'd be more willing to take a bullet too..

      Just so I'm told anyways.. I remain cautious but optimistic, fingers crossed.. Could all be crap so do with it what you will...

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