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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jun 6, 2012 14:31 Flag

    Gylfi Sigurdsson to be signing no.1

    Well if you dont count that 13 yr old kid we signed this week of course! Its pretty much through the mill that Gylfi has stepped aside from the proposed deal to sign for Swansea and has reacted to Brendan Rodgers' public flirtation by declaring his interest in LFC, expect a transfer to conclude within the next week!
    The kid plays as a central attacking midfielder with good composure and a delightful touch. He has a knack of scoring goals and is a set piece specialist. Should be good value at £6.8m, cant imagine Swansea were offering monsterous wages either.

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    • A top side wouldn't touch him with a barge pole he has found his level a mid table player

    • So yet another midfieilder?

      It's strikers we need isn't it? Such as ones who can score?

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      • Yes, we certainly NEED a finisher but take a realistic look at our current midfielders:

        SG - fast approaching his use by date.

        Lucas - currently crocked, hope he comes back ok from terrible injury but ...

        Adam, Downing, Henderson, Shelvey, Spearing

        Sterling - potential yet to be fully tested or realised. Hopefuilly he'll make the grade.

        If you are offered a decent midfielder at bargain basement prices - compared to what we have been paying recently - how can you not look at him seriously?
        You'd rather keep the midfield dross we currently have simply because you have identified scoring strikers as your main priority?

      • We need to create a dominant midfield Armchair. Dominate the midfield and your strikers will score goals.

        I think people are right in assuming that it's too early to assume anything about Sigurdsson yet.

    • sounds to me like the player is trying to engineer a move to lfc because the manager that wanted him at swansea is now at liverpool. Theres no evidence of rodgers actually making a move to buy him for us.

      Time will tell i guess

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      • Your right that there is no 'evidence' but this is plenty of fuel in this media crazy world!

        “If he comes onto the market, I have to be interested,” explained His initial chat has to be with Swansea, because he had a good period there.
        “I said when I had the chat with the chairman (Huw Jenkins) the other day, when I told him I was going to go to Liverpool, that Gylfi came to Swansea because I was there as manager.
        “I said to Huw if I speak to the kid I’ll tell him to make sure he certainly comes down and speaks to the new (Swansea) manager, whoever that is, and that if he’s still not comfortable with that, he’s in the marketplace then — and then I have to look at him.”Rodgers.

    • I just think if we are building a team to be peaking in 4 years time that he has potential to be a world class player whereas Cole, Aquilani etc do not. Not that I am not delighted to have them in the squad for the time being. It does appear (as it was last summer) that our midfield is going to be packed out with what looks like Diame, Sigurdsson coming in along with Cole, Aquilani and Pacheco's loan returns. Somebody will be on their way out!

      On another note, Sigurdsson had been on Readings books since 15 so he might well count as homegrown.

    • Yeah i agree with armchair here ,we seem to be getting too many midfield players we do need strikers for sure,I think jermain defoe would be a decent signing as he always scores goals and id like to see clint dempsey in a red shirt he can either play midfield or upfront

    • Lucifer's t*ts someone agrees with Armchair! Cob, just because we need a goalscorer doesn't necessarily mean the alarm bells should be ringing if we sign a midfielder, so have some patience. We only scored 7 goals from midfield last year so we DO need to strengthen this area, both in the middle and on the wings. You always have to try and improve on what you have.

      With regards to Sigi, what worries me about him is that he was available for loan from Hoffenheim, not the biggest team in the Bundesliga. Yes he did well at Swansea, but we're talking about a 4 month snapshot, so I would be wary. If Rodgers wanted to sign him, wouldn't he have done so by now? Like Dave said, we need top-quality players, I'm not sure he fits in to that category. If we do sign him, then I trust Rodgers implicitly to do the right thing and will support Sigi all the way.

    • I'd take Dempsey & Defoe for sure.. Get them here asap..

    • I'll trust Rodgers until he screws up... then again FSG are the ones who pay his wages etc.. so we're all along for the ride..

    • So what would you do Hobs? Get rid of Cole, Aquilani & maybe Gerrard.. ? As Gerrard has reached his potential too..

    • I'm going to cover your last three posts in one go, although I may just be pissing into the wind as Loki, Hobs, Dave et al have been trying to educate you for longer and have had no joy as yet.

      1) how do you define Rodgers screwing up - is it when he loses one game, 5 games, doesn't finish with every trophy available to us at the end of the season? Start acting like a real fan where, until they no longer are employed by Liverpool - and in the case of some, such as Kenny Dalglish, long after - they have your full support rather than tripping over yourself with excitement hoping they fail.

      2) ok you want dempsey and defoe, will they fit Rodgers system, are they not a bit old for FSG's plan, where will they play, at their age would they not want to be 1st choice every week? Its all very well saying 'I want x, y and z - get the here ASAP' but you have to consider whether they are just in vogue players, or if they will fit our system, both short term and long term.

      3) In what way did Hobs suggest that, as someone reaches their potential they should be shafted? Cole should, and will, probably move on as he is on too high a wage to be a squad player.

      Aquilani will probably go to make room for a younger player more suited to the English game, although I would like to give him a season to have another go. He is only 27 and has a fair while left in him.

      To even contemplate removing Gerrard right now is idiotic - I have issues with Gerrard on certain aspects of his game, but right not he is our captain, he is a huge player for us, and whilst we do need an injection of youth, you need experience at the same time. But you know, lets get rid of him as he is over 30 - that won't cause the entire fanbase to turn on the manager and owners....it also isn't at all a completely idiotic and ill thought out response to Hobs saying we need to plan for the future whilst also building for the present.

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