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  • Bob Bob Jun 15, 2012 16:00 Flag

    Will team GB be a one off?

    Dave, I fear you may be right. There are too many vested interests and blokes in blazers in the Welsh FA who would lose out if we did away with the Welsh team. No more free tickets and no more paid junkets, I cannot see them voting for that.

    Instead we will remain a team with next to no chance of qualifying for the European or World copy, thereby denying good Welsh players the chance to shine and denying England some much needed talent. Rush, Giggs and Bale would all have been be shoe-ins to England in their respective time.

    Of course England could reciprocate by giving up their rugby team, although in truth most of them are not English anyway :-)


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    • I would hate it if Wales were to not exist as a footballing nation like you are suggesting. For me, as a Welshman, getting to a major championship would be like most teams getting to the actual final. We've come close in my lifetime (under Hughes and not too shabby under Yorath) but the last time we qualified was 1956. For a Welsh player to get to a major championship would send them down in Welsh history, there is no shame in being a small country that struggles to compete at football. The fact that we make so many good players considering our population is to be celebrated not denigrated.

      In the Olympics we compete as GB in all the other events so I think it's right that we compete as team GB at football. Extending that arrangement to other tournaments would be a massive step back for Wales.