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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jun 18, 2012 15:17 Flag

    A tough start at Anfield 12\13

    Obviously first up we have a trip to the Hawthorns to hook up with Steve Clarke, it seems to be an ex LFC coach merry go round down there! Then our first 3 home games are Man City, Arsenal and Man United! That is a fiery start!

    It can be painted to be a good thing or a bad thing whichever way you want to lean but in my opinion it is a good thing. Last season we gave all 3 a good hiding at Anfield but somehow came away with just 2 out of the 9 points available. We all know that LFC sides in recent times have played up in the big matches then slipped over the first banana skin that ensued. We seem to spend most of our seasons 'turning corners' that lead to nowhere so to get 3 on the trot is exciting.

    Cant wait already, this Euro malarky is getting boring!

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    • Tough opening 4-6 weeks no doubt.

      I think it sucks myself. Most squads need a few weeks to get going, and some bad results in those home fixtures could dent confidence early.

      It looks like the Manure have been d1cked again by the draw as well, with 5 of their 6 games away from home following mid-week CL ties. That'll set old purple nose off no doubt.

      I find it amazing that a supposedly random, computer-generated draw thrpws up some real biases at times...

    • Actually starting to enjoy the Euro's now. took me ages to remember they were happening. Far better than the soaps!

      A definite trial by fire for Rodgers and we'll get a good indication of how things are going to work out (or not if you'e Armchair). I'm expecting the United game will be a fierce test for Rodgers. I'm fully expecting Fergie to have his little snipe and we'll all be waiting with baited breath for the reaction. Hodgson failed on that front last year. Rodgers can win the Kop in one foul swoop with the right words.

    • Best to go in the deep end sooner rather than later in my opinion. But I also hope we all stay realistic. Of course we want maximum points especially against traditional rivals, but if we do stumble, let’s hope people look beyond the score line in making judgments as the season is not won in August and September, and Rogers should be given a chance to work his magic, which will take much more than just a couple months.