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    Third Kit

    Surprised no one has started a thread on this yet. So what is your opinion?


    Personally I'm a little underwhelmed. First kit I like, back to basic with a classic design. Change or 2nd kit looks unique, and for me rather classy. But third kit, just does nothing for me. What colour is nightshade? If we can't where the dark grey on the second kit, how often would we wear this thing?

    It’s not horrible, like the tartan (sorry it’s supposed to memorialize the Manc textile industry!) on the mancs new first kit, but what is going on with the design on the arms, wondering if they wanted to blend in with the tattoos so many of the lads have.

    I've heard it described as bold, which I suppose it is, but personally I was hoping for something traditional, maybe all Yellow, or a white top with black shorts. But I suppose 2 out of 3 ain't bad, but wondering what others think.

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    • Replica shirts are for children not adults

    • I know it's nothing to do with me but I think it looks quite nice. Much better than Chelsea's new second kit which is disgusting.

      I guess the sponsors get to change things as much as they like as the pro quo for their quids but quite why they need to try to compete with each other every year to produce even more horrible designs I really don't know.


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      • I suppose it all comes down to taste, and none of us have a monopoly on that. The shirt manufactures and sponsors as you say get a huge say in this stuff, and it seems to me they figure a fan might buy one kit so come up with 2 or 3 different design approaches hoping one appeals and therefore secures a purchase.

        Personally I'm a traditionalist which is why I like the first kit as it reminds me more of the first one I had when I was 8 years old. Second one seems to hark back to a past era so has some appeal, while the 3rd maybe to someone who drives a hot hatch with shiny wheels, oversized exhaust pipe, and a stereo more powerful than the engine; it’s the thing to wear out clubbing. They may love the 3rd kit, and think I'm an old duffer for liking the first, but each to their own.

    • My mate just told me there's a half price sale on at JD Sports,Result!

      Not only did I get great bargains,but I've got something to wear at that Wedding in Liverpool next week.

    • Didnt like the 1st kit and I wont be buying this one either! I think I will wait for the transfer window to trickle along before ordering the quite good looking 2nd kit!

    • Oh dear, lets hope they don't get to wear it too often. They had to call it nightshade because saying it was blue would have set folks off!

      The tribal tattoos on the arm is weird though. At least its better than luminescent pink which our poor cousins across the park have to wear. This is what happens when designers want to be unique. I always though it would be good to have a Dutch orange away kit, but I won't be buying this one for sure!

    • I actually like the design of all the Warrior kits, though this is my least favourite. The one problem with them is the material used, I bought my son the home one when it came out and after a few washes it has already started to ball up, so use a delicate detergent and cycle if you buy them. A friend of mine works in a sports retail shop and has complained about transfers (names & numbers) not sticking properly to it, so expect to see " ER ARD 8" in a few years.

    • Looks ok to me...