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  • Jason Jason Jul 12, 2012 14:13 Flag

    Fabio Borini......welcome to LFC

    Hey Colyn

    Re: Dempsey, first, since it's my 3rd time now commenting though I didn't bring him up, I'm doing my best not to be bias due to the obvious. Having said that, I don't like the guy personally, his demeanor/persona, but he's a hell of a "good" footballer.

    Again, I have no idea his wage demands, if I had to guess, coming from Fulham and looking to either us or Arsenal, my guess would be around 60ish which isn't outrageous, but that aside, the fee I've seen tossed about is 7m which seems fair. I wouldn't go higher than 8M max..

    If you take a look at his stats with Fulham over the last 3 years, I did this last night, they have steadily, but noticeably gone up and from my viewing of him with club and for USA, I think he's peak-"ing".. so not done yet. I wouldn't expect 23 goals in all comp type season, but then again aside from Suarez, that shouldn't even be expected from anyone in our squad esp with the new season, so what I've tried to do is make a realistic expectation for him should he come..

    7M, 3 very "good years", 35 goals, 15 assists... So maybe we get 15-5 this season then level or plateua 10-5 10-5.. Not too bad?

    In comparison to Adam, he had that one season, and huge chunk of his goals were fks, set pieces and pks.. Dempsey score 19 in the league from every variety you like, headers, volleys, fks, open play.. And last thing is, he could be a big upgrade to both Maxi and Kuyt, from what they were giving, or would be, wrapped into 1 player who can play up to 5 positions, with an axe to grind mentality..

    For what it's worth, I also believe Bellamy is leaving too. They had a little run in at the Cottage if anyone remembers, not that would detract this, but we lack a little of that esp up front, where we know at the back 37 and 5 aren't bashful ..