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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jul 13, 2012 13:54 Flag

    Fabio Borini......welcome to LFC

    So where does Borini fit in?

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    • From what I read he's a born finisher...

      Just what we've lacked...

      So he and Saurez should be lethal together...

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      • Looks like a good solid smart buy to me, but don't get your hopes up.

        The lad is 21 years old; coming from a foreign league so will take time to settle in. He has had experience here with Chelsea kiddies and Swansea but not in the top flight. Fact he's worked with Rodgers before at both this British clubs suggests setting should be made easier.

        But for God sakes (or whatever other deity you want for Loki's sake) let’s not talk about him being lethal in front of goal and a perfect partner for Suarez, and anything else that loads up the expectations. Otherwise as soon as he goes through a dry patch, and he will, or if he does not come out of the gate with his hair on fire you'll be complaining by October and November that we've bought another dud and need to trade up in January.

        To me he looks like a good solid, but more importantly young and promising player. Good luck to him, and let’s welcome him properly rather than put the weight of the world on his shoulders before he's even unpacked.

        benvenuto Fabio

      • So Borini's done.. guess we'll just wait on the presser and see what number he gets and all that fun stuff..

        Again, I've got nothing concrete, but some stronger and stronger things suggesting on Clint.. 7.5M.. again it's a wait and see..

        But, for those interested, I had mentioned he had a very tough life growing up, and as Dave and I had discussed was one to develop later, as we're seeing/seen w Fulham.. I thought you might like this clip to learn a little bit and because it's quite emotional and MOTIVATIONAL.. makes me want to kick a hole in the wall.

        I've said I'm not a big fan of his only because of his personality, but I'm a fan of his as a player, and wherever he goes, he will succeed for as long as his body lets him, that I have no doubt.. You can't measure the size of heart and determination, and it's fair to say some have lacked both recently

        In addition to many teams in the top flight, he's also scored competitive match goals vs Spain, Brazil, Mexico and I think Argentina..