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  • Jason Jason Jul 14, 2012 15:57 Flag

    Fabio Borini......welcome to LFC

    Hey Colyn,

    With Borini, I think it's fair to do two things.. not underestimate him, and not raise expectations to an unfair level..

    I'm not claiming I'm an expert, but obviously eluded to several times being an avid Serie A watcher (yes, I don't know how), so I've seen him play a good amount, and score alot of those 10 goals we saw. Again, 10 doesn't sound like alot, but they had Totti, Osvaldo, Lamela, and Bojan ... all top class, some close to world class talented.. so 10 goals in a team with 5 potential 1st choice is impressive, on top of the fact his statistics show he had the highest strike rate in Serie A.

    Going back to what I've just said, having seen him, he has very good pace, again, I'd say a fair bit more than Suarez, but not Bellamy, so not quite what Torres was, but enough that he can play off the last shoulder for through balls, and break an offsides trip while racing in free.. We've lacked that ever since Torres found his form again but then got sold.. so almost 2 years, maybe 3 if you consider his injury issues before that..

    The really good things too, is while you can't say the youth time at Chelsea is prem level, nor his stints in the Championship, but, I wouldn't de-value that either, because it's still English football, and he's a strong young fella.. I think he's one where we can be very excited about with expecting the world of... Knowing the system & English are massive advantages for him, in addition to having just come back from training with Italy, Euro runner ups.. That was invaluable leading into LFC pre-season..