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    Fabio Borini......welcome to LFC

    This is Anfield is reporting that John Henry has reported that Borini is in. Further reports are that Dempsy should be tied up pretty soon, with Carrol and Belamy leaving......... What's your take?

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    • Liverpool football club...Wanted Edinson Cavani, got Fabio Borrini

    • So Anders Bering Breivik is claiming self-defense now?
      He's starting to remind me a bit of Liverpool FC really; Shooting wildly in any direction, and then showing he has absolutely no idea what defence is

    • Yeah it certainly looks like all three of us are pointing in the same direction. Cautious but there's some promising signs with his arrival.

      At the end of the day we'll soon find out how it's working anyway. ;o)

    • Reason I don't assign personal targets is that they can be arbitrary,only measure one dimension of a player and can/will be jumped on by naysayers if not reached (which I know you would not do) . A total for the front line or squad I think is more appropriate. Honestly I don't mind if one player gets the lions share while others play providers.

      I'm also sensitive to how many young players don't make it at big clubs but can still contribute elsewhere when the pressure is less.

      Seems to me Fabio has a leg up by doing well at a big Italian club, making the Euro squad and all the time he's already spent in the UK. But I'd rather under estimate and be surprised than over estimate and be disappointed or worse have the player marked as a failure because of someone else's arbitrary targets.

    • I think all 3 of us are on the same page really.

      I personally think he's a great buy for the value, regarding which number you read, varying from 9 - 11 ish with addition for performance...

      I think he will do well, and I'm keeping my expectations exactly where they need to be which is fair, not too high, but higher than lower.. if that makes sense. Also factoring in Rodgers system and the expected arrivals of possibly 2-3 more plus inclusion of Aqua, Sterling and a forgotten name.. Pacheco. I'm leaving out Cole on purpose for many reasons (#10)..

      So, for me, I'm ok putting numbers on it and even if he doesn't meet them, but performs well and contribute properly to the system and good results then that's fine too, because afterall he's only 21. Again, 8-12 goals would be my target 6-7 would disappoint me, 15 wouldn't stun me..

      I understand if others want to avoid the numbers game.. Put it this way, I / we expect ALOT more from our front line, which this year will be 3, sometimes 4 depending on the shape, so if we get close to 50 from the "group", not including mids, defenders, set pieces.. that's already vast improvement from last year..

    • All good points guys.

      I guess what I'm saying is that I won't big the guy up until we see him play a few games and looks settled. Secondly he has two ingredients that we need. Pace and can be a bit physical if needed. Added to that the undoubted techncal ability that he'll have having played in Seria A then maybe we'll have found one of those bargains I've talked about.

      I certainly appreciate that 10 goals in Seria A is quite a good return indeed. Defenses are so tight over there.

    • Actually Jason doing well at Swansea in a physical league then turning around and doing well in Italy where technical skill rules is a huge plus. I'm just saying we should not load up the expectations. Id not put a number on it or make lethal statements but hope he can contribute.

    • Hey Colyn,

      With Borini, I think it's fair to do two things.. not underestimate him, and not raise expectations to an unfair level..

      I'm not claiming I'm an expert, but obviously eluded to several times being an avid Serie A watcher (yes, I don't know how), so I've seen him play a good amount, and score alot of those 10 goals we saw. Again, 10 doesn't sound like alot, but they had Totti, Osvaldo, Lamela, and Bojan ... all top class, some close to world class talented.. so 10 goals in a team with 5 potential 1st choice is impressive, on top of the fact his statistics show he had the highest strike rate in Serie A.

      Going back to what I've just said, having seen him, he has very good pace, again, I'd say a fair bit more than Suarez, but not Bellamy, so not quite what Torres was, but enough that he can play off the last shoulder for through balls, and break an offsides trip while racing in free.. We've lacked that ever since Torres found his form again but then got sold.. so almost 2 years, maybe 3 if you consider his injury issues before that..

      The really good things too, is while you can't say the youth time at Chelsea is prem level, nor his stints in the Championship, but, I wouldn't de-value that either, because it's still English football, and he's a strong young fella.. I think he's one where we can be very excited about with expecting the world of... Knowing the system & English are massive advantages for him, in addition to having just come back from training with Italy, Euro runner ups.. That was invaluable leading into LFC pre-season..

    • I was and am still a little aprehensive about his arrival but those comments by Rodgers on his pace and physicality that you alluded to Jason caught my eye. Pace is certainly something we've been missing recently so that's a big positive straight off.

      Anyway I'm getting too long in the tooth to worry or get all excited by signings these days. We've all seen them work and fail spectacularly over the years but what i will say is there are still bargains (relatively) out there to be had. Jelovic and Pobgrebnyak (spelling) spring to mind from the immediate past.

    • No need to sell me Hobs, having said what I said in regards to Dave's post about expectations, I truly do believe he's good for anywhere between 8-12 goals, as high as 15, and again similar to like what I've said for Dempsey maybe a 10-5 type season.

      Although he is 21 and there are some detractors on the age, adaptation, even on the player himself because he didn't cost 18M, like you said he has alot more experience than he's given credit for, and additionally he was the youngest player in the Italian squad at Euros so you can't put a price tag on the experience he gained there even in the training. He's also got a game built on being a quick, strong, physical player.. Rodgers even said those were his best attributes along with technical ability, and in the interview, Borini said the same.. Btw, interesting fact, only 2 forwards in all of Serie A averaged more tackles per game last season than his 1.8, so he doesn't mind mixing it up to win a ball..

      Add in another player expected from Serie A, at a later date, who although speaks the language of two of his compatriots in our squad, surely understands a little Italiano, and Aquilani will have 2 buddies to share his spaghetti and meatballs with at lunch time, as well as enjoying his tiki taka with..

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