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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jul 13, 2012 09:48 Flag

    Maxi Rodriguez set to return home

    Well this may be good news although it might not be in Maxis thoughts but it seems pretty clear that Brendan is keen to keep him and that he is part of his philosophy. It seems that anyone who has a good touch and a bit of skill has a chance but if your just a workhorse your screwed!


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    • I know what you mean, yes we need the technical ability, but we do also need players willing to roll up their sleeves. But to be honest when I watch Swansea play, I got to think that Rodgers wants both in good measure. Think about the pressing game that is so important to the likes of Barca and Swansea tried to emulate.

      Also, I never knew Maxi had never learnt English. Seems I remember that Rafa made it a requirement for all players coming in (even had Carra sit in on a few to brush up a bit!) to learn English and try to speak it as much as possible around the club. I suppose that went out the window after he left. I'm not trying to be nationalistic, but surely it’s a good thing to learn the language of the club you’re at. Not only easier to settle in the city and country, but think it builds more unity if the lads can all have a real conversation.