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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jul 16, 2012 12:42 Flag

    Dempsey and striker additions

    I always thought Dempsey was a bit of a prick really. He seems very cold and self indulgent, doesnt seem to have any emotion when missing penalties etc. Maybe thats just how much of a pro he is though, that he just resets and carries on with his 'work'. He will score goals, has versatility and they will probably make his transfer fee and wages back with interest and shirt sales in the US.

    Stop teasing me with EC talk! You know how I rate him too! With Andy on his way out for a fee, a proper striker coming in is a very real possibility. City are very hot on his heels and I imagine AC Milan will be interested now they have sold Zlatan.

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    • Just an fyi ..

      Fulham had their first pre season friendly yesterday, and Deuce was not listed on the official roster, nor with the squad, so it's safe to say he's on the move..

      Last I heard, and it wasn't anything I'd personally hang my hat on like I would do with the occasional other news/players I hear about, negotiations had started, and there were hopes he could make it in time for the Tour. That being said, he could very well end up at Arsenal.. I'm pretty sure it's us..

      Regarding EC, I shouldn't had said anything, but the fact I've come to grips with him makes it easier, though I can reproduce the info in 2 languages, Italiano & Spanish.. anyways it ended in 37M or 43M depending on the rate. He won't end up at Milan, they still can't afford despite what they've just got and City are always favs for Rvp..

      Anyways, now with the Andy situation to sort, also other outs, Adam, maybe Downing, very likely Bellamy and a few on loan, we could be look at alot more cash coming in, on top of the presumed purchase of Deuce and a different Uruguayan #10..

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      • I'm wondering if the Carroll thingy is adding weight to the possibility of a new big fee forward joiningte club.

        If Carroll leaves then we'll need a new striker for sure and the momentum behind the press stories seems to be building. I'm glad in one way that the club has been quiet on the matter. Keep them guessing but the story isn't going away at the moment.

      • Lots of noise yesterday that Cavani's £150k per week wage demands are causing stumbling blocks for a Chelsea move, not sure how real that is but with Anelka, Kalou, Drogba and Lukaku seemingly not at the Bridge, it makes sense that an out and out forward is on their list! Cant see us going for £150k per week.