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    Dempsey and striker additions

    First and foremost, there's been some decent conversation and discussion about Borini, and I think the vast majority are on the same page with being enthusiastic about him, liking the value, and what our expectations are..

    Having said that, the next biggest name (which ironically I cannot get any info on) is Clint Dempsey. Obvisously, as the American here I know I'll get branded bias no matter what despite saying how much I dislike his overall persona, but before going any further, from time to time, I've mentioned that I have heard a thing or two, or a thing or two, so just wanted to let everyone know, and I "CAN" verify this, that my/our golden boy, the chosen one, from Uruguay has been made available, however the fee is extremely large, and because we have the pony tailed one, it's a conflict. I promise I can back that up with quote and commentary if anyone cares to translate..

    Having said this, unless we get an overwhelming amount of offers for Andy, Stewart, Charles, Spearing, and maybe 1 or 2 others, we will not get my favorite player in the world, however, we probably are not yet at the level to meet his, and could only be 1 year away, and for now, should embrace the idea of a Mr. Clint Dempsey, who again, I do not like, but truly admire/love as a player..

    To support what I had said in other posts, and as pointed out in a very good point by Dave, he is just now entering his prime, which seems odd obviously when talking EPL because so many players tend to fade around the age of 29, 30 etc., but because we lacked the competitive needs to challenge him outside of his USA duty, he's a man in form, hitting his peak, with a mean/ruthless attitude, and one who will let nothing stand in his way. His life story is something worth researching, but that's not my point, mine is more simplistic when talking prime and on the incline / peaking:
    Fulham 07/08 - 6 goals, 2 assists
    Fulham 08/09 - 7 goals, 2 assists
    Fulham 09/10 - 7 goals, 3 assists
    Fulham 10/11 - 12 goals, 3 assists
    Fulham 11/12 - 17 goals, 6 assists

    During this time, the only players worth really noting added to Fulham, if even barely worth mentioning, had been Dembele who's done f all, Bryan Ruiz who's still adapting, and a short loan for Pobgrenyiak ...

    His stats, perforance and attitude are in fact on the rise. I think it's unfair for people to criticize him for playing at Fulham because the ball still goes in the net, including against LFC, and for being American which is something no cure is yet to be found..

    Some players peak at 25ish, he's peaking now, and he's got the attitude and mental toughneess to boot.. I don't know, nor have anything concrete to suggest he's definitely coming, so this could all be in vain, but I "think" it seems that way, so I hope the Debbie Downers will support him if he does, because either way, "Deuce" doesn't give a f%ck ..

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    • definite progress according to those stats Jason, but it's also quite interesting to note the jump that he's made under Martin Jol while his goal contribution under Hodgson was not anywhere near as spectacular. Make of that what you will!

      As a side note this transfer window fo us, well me, is being made more interesting by who we will ship out, if we get the right offers. We all have points of view and there are, shall we say obvious pieces of dead wood but on top of that we have Rodgers trying to build a team around the direction and formation he wants to go. For me that adds a little more spice to it all.

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      • Apart from Gerard Suarez and Carroll are 2 of the better players in the squad Putting Suarez above Carroll so i don't think they should be out the door More like Adam and
        Henderson or even Downing as none of them earned there money last season. Bellamy was free and played better than the 20 mill players. I reckon Andy could adapt to the new system as he showed for England he can pass, receive , defend and score. Yes we needed another goalscorer but it would be a waste of money buying Dempsey yes he can score but Suarez scores more. He is 29 and i don't think he is as good as some of the players we already have. New boys Suzo Sterling and kelly, we also have Coates getting better all the time and Pacheco so what reason other than he is American do we need Dempsy????

    • I guess the obvouise question is will Dempsey fit into Brendons Tiky Taka style of play that he wishes to install into LFC???


    • Maybe we can do a swap deal for Dempsey? I dunno who we'd put forward though as the player to swap?

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      • Charlie Adam!!! Im really not hot on a swap plus money for our lad Carroll, infact I really want to see Big Andy given a chance to prove himself in Brendons plans, Somthing about Carroll at the end of last season, the way he played and his whole persona I truy believe can be special for LFC.

        Now that Newcastle are back in the frame for a loan deal we will I guess findout how much Carroll is willing to stay and fight for a place in the starting 11.


    • I always thought Dempsey was a bit of a prick really. He seems very cold and self indulgent, doesnt seem to have any emotion when missing penalties etc. Maybe thats just how much of a pro he is though, that he just resets and carries on with his 'work'. He will score goals, has versatility and they will probably make his transfer fee and wages back with interest and shirt sales in the US.

      Stop teasing me with EC talk! You know how I rate him too! With Andy on his way out for a fee, a proper striker coming in is a very real possibility. City are very hot on his heels and I imagine AC Milan will be interested now they have sold Zlatan.

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      • Just an fyi ..

        Fulham had their first pre season friendly yesterday, and Deuce was not listed on the official roster, nor with the squad, so it's safe to say he's on the move..

        Last I heard, and it wasn't anything I'd personally hang my hat on like I would do with the occasional other news/players I hear about, negotiations had started, and there were hopes he could make it in time for the Tour. That being said, he could very well end up at Arsenal.. I'm pretty sure it's us..

        Regarding EC, I shouldn't had said anything, but the fact I've come to grips with him makes it easier, though I can reproduce the info in 2 languages, Italiano & Spanish.. anyways it ended in 37M or 43M depending on the rate. He won't end up at Milan, they still can't afford despite what they've just got and City are always favs for Rvp..

        Anyways, now with the Andy situation to sort, also other outs, Adam, maybe Downing, very likely Bellamy and a few on loan, we could be look at alot more cash coming in, on top of the presumed purchase of Deuce and a different Uruguayan #10..

    • Indeed, but I think only the most naive or, unaccepting of truth supporter, didn't anticipate some issues with regards to Rodgers, Tiki Taka, a Spanish style of football, quick movement etc.. and Carroll ... Feel free to go debate with a wall until you're blue in the face, then turn normal again, there's nothing logically that can be said based on Swans statistics last year, or, in what we saw with Barca/Spain that would suggest otherwise..

      That being said.. hate being suggested that I have sources or know better than the next guy.. just sets me up for failure..

      And, just to really screw things up, that being said, I believe we're looking at 4 different further striker options, all of whom speak Spanish.. Keep in mind Spanish is spoken in Europe, N. America and S. America ... just to clear up any confusion that may have caused..

    • Speak to a wall?

      Na I'll speak to my cousin, not a huge difference but a true LFC supporter all the way to the bone marrow. No risk of finding a wall that suppots MUFC or something then.

      I'm surprised (a little) that we haven't been linked or rumours are abound about a potential midfield target. Despite the numbers we have in that position I still think we are weak in that position and such rumours would certainly confirm that Rodgers is aware of that problem too.

      Saying that, not hearing things is a good thing about LFC these days

    • Just another thing to ruin your day Jason. It seems Chelsea are hunting EC 7 and are obviously prepared to throw cash at securing the deal.


    • Not ruining my day Colyn, in fact I think you'll hate hearing this as much as I did, and Hobs will, but his agent spoke last week about his availability and is/has made the rounds in England, which really means 2 destinations..

      The ugly part to that is, should Chelsea agree a deal, in my last post, one of said Spanish speaking strikers becomes completely useless to them, and supposedly he's already considered coming "home".. ie - similar to Andy/Newcastle...

      Anyways, I'm done done done.. as they say "ignorance is bliss" and I could sure use some, ass this cr.ap has done my head in and rather know nothing at all.. Regarding Dempsey, it's Arsenal or Liverpool, but then again everyone should know that..

      All I do know is that they landed in Mass. yesterday, are training, play Friday in Toronto and aside from Andy, who really can't be getting on to well, only have Borini as a senior striker, so hopefully by the time they arrive at Fenway where I'll be, there will be 1-2 strikers brought in, and hopefully they're welcome surprises..

    • It's not nearly as impossible as anyone thinks, whether an LFC fan or not.. regards to Cavani that is, at least the player himself. It's the agent and chairman of Napoli..

      Cavani has said (and yes players do this alot) he is absolutely 100% happy in the city of Naples, where he was married and had a baby all not too long ago, as well as having family of an Italian decent, and family members living there. He is also an extremely religous person in addition to his strong family orientation, and has said prior to "I will stay with Napoli", his future would be decided with his family and by the hands of god..

      Additionally, while under heavy speculation of a potential move to Juve and City towards the end of the year if Napoli did not finish 3rd, he said Napoli's involvement nor any other clubs' in Champions League would not dictate any decision he could possibly make..

      Regards to Liverpool's case, we have 1 massive advantage, well 2. A- his best friend, a Mr. Luis Suarez, and B. Owners who CAN afford the move, but just because they've not done so yet is causing people to believe they don't have a pot to pi.ss in..

      3 other things to consider in this equasion.. Obviously the Andy Carroll move which seems imminent, and from what I've read (not be told) seems Newcastle are well in the lead (ironic). 2nd, Torres, he could be on the move and you all know where he'll be linked and would probably prefer if he chose it, or it was forced. Lastly, I don't believe for one second that Cavani is on, or demanding 150k wages.. He was sold from Palermo over 2 years ago to Napoli for 11M .. Palermo are no better than a mid table team, and Napoli were just on the rise.. his wages cannot be anywhere close to that. Only since his move to Napoli has be become the devastating striker he is today..

      So, is it likely, probably not. Is it possible, definitely yes. If Carroll goes, the funds which are already there, become even more ample to meet his 38M or 45M quote, both high, but lower than the original 56M. One other thing to consider in addition to inevitably hearing the good things Suarez has had to say, he would know he would be the undeniable #9 and having seen what Torres once did in front of the KOP, the thought of linking with his pal Suarez could really be as exciting to him as it sounds to us..

      Uruguay are also training within an hour's drive of Merseyside for the Olympics, so.. who knows?! But as of now, he said he wishes to stay with Napoli, 150k is out of the question and not real, and his focus is 110% on the Olympics at the moment..

      Food for thought. And if it makes anyone else feel better, friendly, or troll, sure, he could be available to your team as well, but if I knew for certain he were to move, I'd put a heavy sum of money on two clubs: Chelsea and LFC..

    • Jason, when looking over this thread earlier today I actually thought a move anywhere might be less likely than anyone suspects. You've outlined the players reasons for staying put, but if he were to move why Liverpool maybe in the frame.

      But also have to look from the prospective clubs as well. I'm not an expert on Italian clubs, but while Juve seems keen, do they really have the money? AC might if they do sell their oversized Swede, but it seems to me Italy is no longer a league over flowing with ready cash.

      But we all assume City have endless cash, so every expensive player who is rumored to be on the move is going to linked to them. But while the bank account at Eastlands might be unlimited, I'm not sure their ability to spend it is. Discounted by some as irrelevant regulations that clubs will work out how to get around, but FFP has to be considered. City has an awful lot of red ink on their accounts, and unless big salaries for the likes of Adebayor not to mention Tevez are removed from their books I just don't think they can afford to bring in someone with a mega transfer fee, and a wage Cavani is rumored to demand. The same applies to PSG, although they might be in a better spot as they've only just started accumulating expensive players.

      My gut tells me he is going nowhere, at least this year. But if he were to move on from Napoli he'll go to a big enough club that can afford the fee, and can add maybe not 150K a week to their payroll but still a significant number. I doubt we're top of the list of most likely, but I'd say we're a bit closer to the top of that list, than some might think.

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