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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jul 18, 2012 13:44 Flag


    He was once the greatest player to grace the planet, once he realised that ambition, he seemed to just drift away. Reknowned for partying all night, missing training and being a general smug git, he just isnt even an option to any club in the league. He is destined for China or Dubai but somehow, not even they are interested in a cross bar hitting, goofy knob.

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    • Sad though isn't it? Not only one of the greatest players but a joy to watch and always with a smile (even when hitting the cross bar!!). Tells you how much dedication being a professional footballer takes. A little slip in the barcelona nightclubs and the career of one of the most skilled players ever goes down the drain...He could have given us a lot more memorable times and could have been one of the true greats.