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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Jul 25, 2012 22:44 Flag

    Any high profile players coming to LFC?

    do you not understand? you cannot just keep throwing money at the problem.Why do you equate spending a fortune on a player with guaranteed success?The chance is higher but not 100% Every, and I mean every manager has a veron on his cv! For every Klinsman there's a rebrov!
    What people forget is that the game in this country was much more insular 20=30yrs ago.
    Local kids just had to compete with kids from the uk to win a contract.Now they're competing with kids from around the world.If they're truly exceptional they will come through, but a lot may have to move on to succeed as pros.
    But just spending money you are not generating through sponsorship,gate money, merchandising etc is just stupid