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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jul 23, 2012 20:07 Flag

    Any high profile players coming to LFC?

    Was wondering if we're gonna be splashing the cash on players this summer? I mean on players £30m+ and bring some real class to the team?

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    • We need The Lord back !
      Lord Heskey that is ! They say he can make onions cry which might help our forward line score a few this season especially if the opposite Keeper got tears rolling down !

    • We need The Lord back !
      Lord Heskey that is ! They say he can make onions cry which might help our forward line score a few this season especially if the opposite Keeper got tears rolling down !

    • Jan Venegoor of Hesselink is a big name, not sure if he will cost enough though?

    • There we go, looks like we've talked to an agreement! Agree with al the above anyway....

      De Bruyne is just a bizarre one, £8m then out on loan and then out on loan! Nobody has had a look at him at all it would seem. Courtois also going on loan for a second season, hes clearly a top keeper but not going to knock Cech of the top yet, maybe when Hilario and Turnbulls contracts run down this season he might be brought back for a head to head.

      The one that I think will be the only real bargain is Marko Marin, the season before last when he first announced himself, he was destroying teams and looking Messi-ish. He flopped a bit last season but probably more to do with a struggling team. Good player, I am suprised there wasnt more interest at that sort of money.

    • On your first paragraph I note that when it comes to buying players, CFC hasn't always had the same notions of value for money that its competitors have had, Perhaps it's the same when selling players. My memory cells may have faded but I can only think of one player who has left us for a significant sum in the last decade. That was Robben for £18m. Even young first team players go out cheap. Look at Diarra, off for £2m, sold on a year later for many times that. I put this down as a cockup due to impatience or, as you say, not caring, rather than our players not being of value. Maybe if FFP starts to bite CFC will start caring more.

      On your second paragraph Chelsea goes through fits when it seems to need two+ complete teams worth of seasoned internationals. We're going through one now. This will create problems for the McEachrans and Bertands, most of whom will go out on loan in the short term and be sold on in the long term, like the Sinclairs, Corks and Borinis before them. It will also be hard for the new expensive players to break into the team and so players like Marin, De Bruyne and maybe even Oscar will likely suffer some disillusionment, like Lukaku and Sturridge and even Torres before them.

      I suspect RdM's next season will be like trying to herd a bunch of tigers with toothache.

      The problems of being rich, eh.


    • Im just using it as 1 example but I dont imply it is the same for all but do you not think its bad practice to 'develop' a player to a nominal fee standard for him to then be worth £9m just a year later? Especially when hes torn up the reserve leagues and had successful loan spells? Maybe my point is slightly cloudy.

      Perhaps then, a fairer comment is that Chelsea indeed can develop youth players but cant transfer them to premier league standard or that they dont have the faith in them or even that they just dont care. For me, I understand all too well that our starting 11 and then possibly 5-7 subs need to be top drawer but after that, you might as well give youth a chance, having people like Ferrera (forever my scapegoat) and Hilario warming the 2nd row benches just seems silly. There has to be 2 kids on the books that could have done at least as well in their miniscule roles?

    • You should try reading my post in the context of my previous posts not in the context of extraneous claims of your own invention.


    • Ha Ha, Sorry for the frivolity of my reply and not sure hyberbole was the correct term to use, however I do feel your reply is the epitomy of a Chelsea type answer.

      Basically you're saying that you're idea of a youth system is buying Sturridege,Mata,Hazard,Marin,Lukaku etc,etc

      This is not developing a youth system, you're just buying already developed talent by someone else.

      So I ask you again who has come through the Chelsea " youth system", (not bought), who has made an impact from their age of 10 years old onwards like the types of Owen,Fowler,Gerrard,Carragher,Spearing,Kelly etc.

      Don't quote Bertrand or any of the others again because to be brutally honest none of them have done anything yet!

      PS you don't have the strongest under 21's in the country, LFC last season had the highest level of players at ALL levels from U15 onwards but obviously wasn't well publicised due to LFC not being in vogue!



    • Everybody's played at right back and no-one's stuck. I didn't think Bosingwa was too bad actually - his main problem was injuries. He wasn't Ashley Cole but then, who is? I notice that Ryan Bertrand can play right back so maybe he'll get a chance / the poisoned chalice. And if Terry, Cahill and Luiz are all fit then Ivanovic can easily be spared to play there.

      But there have been persistant rumours linking us with Maicon and Azpilicueta so maybe Roman's next yacht will have to wait another week before being ordered.


    • So do I understand you to be saying that under Brendan Rodgers at Chelsea he didn't develop, under Brendan Rodgers at Swansea he didn't develop and he was moulded from clay into the finished article in his one year in Italy, particularly in the two weeks from 23 June to 9 July this year?

      You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment but I note that Chelsea did receive a small training compensation from Parma.

      I don't know what priorities CFC have for the academy. Maybe it's all merely to satisfy their UEFA licence. [Note to Dave: I'm not suggesting it is.]


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