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    Any high profile players coming to LFC?

    Was wondering if we're gonna be splashing the cash on players this summer? I mean on players £30m+ and bring some real class to the team?

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    • Dalglish spent all the money americans don't spend they take

    • Think you have to look at this a different way and ask are any high profile (read expensive) players coming into the prem period. I might be wrong, but to date I think Hazzard is the most expensive at about 40M. Even City so far has been very quiet.

      Some will say that is a sign we've got no money, but does no-one other than Chelsea have any cash? I think more likely is the overhang of FFP is starting to bite, and it’s not just or even mainly the transfer fee you need to look at, but the total cost of the player including wages over his contract. Chelsea having got rid of some high wage earners (Anelka, Drogba, etc,) maybe in a position to bring someone in, while other clubs would have to move someone off their wage bill before bringing someone in.

      For us I think that means a decision being made on the likes of Cole, Aqualani and maybe a couple others who are at the upper end of our pay scale have to be made. If the gaffer thinks they can make us better then there may not be much room to bring in a high profile player. Otherwise they'll be put on the market, or loaned out if they can't be sold to reduce our wage bill, and make room for replacement players.

      The exact same thing is happening elsewhere. One assumes City has plenty of money to buy whoever they want. However until they get some of those players who are eating into their profitability (the likes of Adebayor, or Tevez, etc) off the books, while they may be able to afford a Cavani or a RVP, they risk being well foul of FFP.

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      • Regarding Carroll he was a rash buy IMO.

        We should've bought a player based on how many goals he's scored and how many he's likely to score (in the case of a striker). Carroll wasn't a prolific striker.. so hence why the waste of money accusations..

        As luck would have it we've an 18 yr old on tour , who looks the business and didn't cost the earth.. So it'll be interesting how he'd do in he EPL?

      • Something's definitely changing in the transfer market nowadays.

        there is still the odd mega transfer but everyone else is looking for value. It started some time ago after Fergy had stated that there was little value in the January window. Slowly building ever since.

        I'm hoping that we might see a slow decline or levelling off transfer fees and players wages. It'll be for the greater good of the game in the end but part of me is saying that there will always be clubs and players that will push that boundary.

    • I suspect that your owners, being more familiar with money than football, might be a little reluctant to spend more than £30m on a player after the last experience.

      In fact, I'm not sure any Premiership club has a particularly good track record with £30m+ signings. Off the top of my head, I can think of only Rio Ferdinand who has been a successful signing at that level. Oh, and Aguerro probably. But thinking of Shevchenko, Torres, Carroll, Berbatov, Veron, Robinho there would seem to be rather more disappointments than successes.


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      • Not sure what you mean by "more familiar with money than football", I assume it’s a little jab to suggest they don't know what they are doing and only interested in money. But it seems to me they actually have a very good track record in sports management. Leave the tactical side to the best available coaches and managers, and focus on the strategy which will provide the funds to invest in a winning team.

        But I hear what you’re saying about the success of the high priced players. It’s almost a kiss of death to label a player with a huge price tag. I do think it’s fair to say we've been guilty of overspending (Carroll) but it makes me scratch my head when a I see a club doing it again and again and still not getting the results you assume they were after, especially if their owners supposedly know more about football than money.

      • .....or are there any players at all coming to Liverpool this year?.....?

    • Sofa, I'll refer you to FFP rules again. They could pump their own money (beyond what they have already done to pay off over 90% of the Texans left us) but it will mean less money that they will be allowed to put in later in order to even out the books over the reporting period. The books have to even out over the FFP reporting period between what the club earns and what it spends.

    • Why is everyone SO fixated on bringing in expensive players?
      Expensive does not guarantee good, for one thing.
      Secondly, I thought we wanted the good old glory days back at Anfield. That means bringing on our youth and buying "lesser" or more to the point "as yet undiscovered" talent and bringing them into the philosophy that is Anfield.
      Building success is all about laying good foundations, not buying in prima donnas who will turn around and leave at the drop of a dollar bill.

    • Yup that's it. What comes in must be greater or equal to what's gone / going out over the reporting period.

      I'm sure there's ways round it as City for one will push those boundaries. I guess they have to with a balance sheet like theirs at the moment. Wages alone are 120% of club revenue I believe or something like that.

      United are the one's to watch. If / when they float on the stock exchange their financial capacity will be enormous. And yet they still aren't going crazy in the transfer market either.

      Value is the key word and it seems many clubs are beginning to grasp the concept. Probably in part thanks to Barcelona who have demonstrated what can done with the right youth policy. Ajax before them. Value wise we have failed miserably for years when you look at our transfers. We've even managed to generate bad value out of players who cost relatively little!

      We need to change that first and foremost as well as build the foundations for a solid future. That means youth, club structure, coaching structure, playing style etc. To complment that we also need fully exploit every possible revenue stream we can.

    • You'd be surprised at how many talented young players Chelsea has on its books. Huge numbers. The older ones are out on loan mostly, the younger ones won the Youth cup again this season, I think. A good proportion of the Olympic team are either Chelsea or ex-Chelsea. And our recent high profile signings have been young players too.

      The future is blue.


    • Yes I didn't add that Chelsea have also embraced the importance of a top notch youth system with the construction of the new academy and a host of excellent young players in the ranks.

      My issue is that the first team hasn't really seen the fruits of this yet. Not in significant numbers and the club still relies on the old guard backed with some high profile signings.

    • "I'm sure Robert will say he's not worried"

      Before I started supporting Chelsea it had won one League title and pretty much nothing else. In several decades of supporting Chelsea before RA appeared, it won three FA Cups, two Cup Winners Cups and an odd League cup. Since RA arrived it has won one CL title, two League Cups, three league titles and four FA Cups. We're currently on a high and more exciting players are arriving.

      It's well beyond my control what happens in the future so I'm not going to worry about it. But my point is simply that RA has already given us more trophies and excitement than I could have expected in the rest of my life. And it shows no sign of stopping.


    • I understand that sentiment Robert but if (and its a big "if") Roman walks away and (again, a big "and") the club folds ... would you still feel the same way about the last few years?

      I dunno if I would but I reckon plenty of Pompey fans would swap a few years in the prem and one FA cup for tighter fiscal policy right now.

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