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    £17m Andy Carroll bid

    Whats official and whats not official is open to debate but most papers and websites are claiming that West Ham have made an official £17m bid for Andy Carroll. If we are to sell him, then I think this is close to top money right now. I know his 1st choice is to stay at LFC and then a return to Newcastle failing that but I would be suprised if it isnt accepted.

    I like Andy, think he is going to be a monster player and bite us in the backside but if you are buying into a football philosophy and a manager then you have to do it wholesale.

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    • All due respect Hobbs, but recon 17M would be a bargain for Carroll, and we'd be fools to give him away. Maybe he should go if he's not the ideal candidate for BR's plans, but not for a major discount.

      Put it this way, of the British players in the league right now same or similar age, same position (and assuming they had the same run on their current deals which I think is 4 years) what would they cost? Maybe compare with Sturridge, or Welbeck?

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      • Its clearly a major discount on the amount we paid out but I think 99.5% of the world would agree that the figure was ridiculously inflated. I think at the time with his form took into consideration, I would say his value was £22m tops. To try and get a bit of perspective Ballotelli was £18m, Aguerro £35m, both are young players and we are hearing that Cavani (in the form of his life) could be on the move for £35m.

        I think to add more detail to your question it would be a case of "How much would Sturridge and Wellbeck be worth if their managers no longer wanted them?" I very much doubt that Sturridge would be anymore then £17m when in favour so maybe more like £12m? Wellbeck, I dont really see a situation right now where United wont want him but if he did fall out of favour then I assume that would be because of a dip in form so again, somewhere similar?

    • The question is how much are FSG willing to lose on the sale of Carroll?

      Maybe somewhere between £17 - 30m?

      So perhaps £25m? However is anyone prepared to spend that on Carroll? Doubtful?

      Also Carroll wasn't a Rodgers buy. So is Carroll gonna be a round peg in a square hole player? Or Can Rodgers make him fit in his system?

      If He plays 2 upfront him & Suarez then that may work for certain games. We need other options.. Ironically we have a finisher in Bellamy as proven in the GB game.

      So perhaps we could save some cash and keep Bellamy for one last season? In tn meantime our scouts should be working hard to look for options until the summer?

    • I'm not so sure on whether Rodgers wants Carroll or not. To me it's like he's not sure. Get the right offer and the decision becomes easy if not then he sees something he can work with. Which is why the club will not entertain some offers, or even a loan.

      I think there are bigger issues in the squad than Andy. True he was real handful when someone had found the "on switch". That like many here makes us think there's something we can get from him. But elsewhere there are a number of players in teh squad which leave me feeling a little uneasy. If they improve under Rodgers, great but they've got a fair bit to go.

    • I kind of agree with you both, and I have to commend Armchair for writing a post with structure and logic involved! :)

      The manager doesnt want him, it could not be clearer, there is obviously someone else he fancies that will suit his plan, thats fair enough, it isnt his (or Andys) fault that LFC had spent £35m on him. I think its a mistake to let him go but if you arent going to give your gaffer the full backing then you have got the wrong man in charge already!

      I think he could do an Ibrahimovic role as the central striker and that Suarez could play LF or RF. There is clearly a price tag they have come up with as acceptable and that doesnt appear to have been reached yet.

    • 'fraid I dont see it like you Armchair. Andy IMO is a special one who needs fitness, game-time, proper service and someone who believes in him. He was showing glimpses of what he can do at the end of last season. If he is allowed to go in these present stupid circumstances it will certainly come back and bite our ar@es big time

    • Sell him for half of what we paid for him are you nuts?

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      • If it's cash, take it now and bring in Gaston Ramirez. Rogers has said no loan and agree with that 120%. If he is going anywhere, it should be an outright sale. Otherwise, keep him and if he fits, his stock will rise and we can recover more than 17m. I am one who has not fully written him off regarding the gaffer's style and whether or not he will fit in. Let's give him a chance. So much money was spend on him, although that was poorly advised. Now we need to manage his exit and reduce the loss where possible.....

    • The thing is, according to the paper its a one year loan with them paying us £17 million next summer. We should tell them to sling their hooks!

      Any deal like Aquilani's to Milan should not even be entertained. What if they get relegated and can't afford him all of a sudden?

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      • Why arent true Red's baying for Downing's, Adam's and Henderson's Blood.
        any 2 of these cost the same as carroll and where if not equally underperformed, if not worse.!
        Carrol had a good end of season, especially by everyones else's standards.
        keep him another season at least, that will be the acid test.
        Downing went from the best assits in the league to the worst in one season, Carroll didnt go from best goal scorer to worst.

        If Buck's new style of play is anything to go by, then a fron 2 of Carroll and Suarez, is a partnership waiting to happen, blame the supply line, not the finisher.

      • I imagine that will be the clause in the deal and possibly appearance related. The thing is, its the only cash offer on the table, if we accept it, it should rat out anyone else holding an interest, if there is anyone!