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  • Seanicemanreturns Seanicemanreturns Jul 27, 2012 16:43 Flag

    £17m Andy Carroll bid

    Why arent true Red's baying for Downing's, Adam's and Henderson's Blood.
    any 2 of these cost the same as carroll and where if not equally underperformed, if not worse.!
    Carrol had a good end of season, especially by everyones else's standards.
    keep him another season at least, that will be the acid test.
    Downing went from the best assits in the league to the worst in one season, Carroll didnt go from best goal scorer to worst.

    If Buck's new style of play is anything to go by, then a fron 2 of Carroll and Suarez, is a partnership waiting to happen, blame the supply line, not the finisher.

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    • You've got a point there Sean. If the acid test is did he perform/can he perform, why not throw all those players into the mix alongside Carroll. If anything I'd give Carroll (and Henderson) more benefit of the doubt considering they are both relatively young players, while you'd expect the other two, especially Downing who is supposed to be a seasoned professional more stick for not living up to expectations.

      But the two problems which I think cloud most people’s minds are first the money, which is irrelevant as its been spent, and second some perception because he's a tall guy he can only be a target man and therefore cannot fit into Rodgers system. But please note BR's latest comments on the subject. He's been very clear that he thinks Carroll can fit the system, so why do so many on here get carried away believing only what the press writes, rather than the gaffer, or what their own two eyes would tell them if they paid some attention and saw that AC does actually have a couple feet, and not bad using them on the pitch.