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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 27, 2012 15:49 Flag

    £17m Andy Carroll bid

    If it's cash, take it now and bring in Gaston Ramirez. Rogers has said no loan and agree with that 120%. If he is going anywhere, it should be an outright sale. Otherwise, keep him and if he fits, his stock will rise and we can recover more than 17m. I am one who has not fully written him off regarding the gaffer's style and whether or not he will fit in. Let's give him a chance. So much money was spend on him, although that was poorly advised. Now we need to manage his exit and reduce the loss where possible.....

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    • I want Carroll to stay, I rate him. I can see him being Drogba-ish in 3 or 4 years but I understand the problem well. The possess and press game insists on passing and passing even when you are losing and by having a giant on the pitch or on the bench will force you into changing your style when you are behind or drawing a game or if it doesnt, it will leave a crowd baying for you to do so.

      He has good feet, he even has good movement but he will never be elegant, fast, fleet footed and lets be honest, he isnt going to be popping up on the left wing, the right wing etc. If Brendan wants a singular and total playing style, he has to be backed to make the big decisions even if it is a tough one to swallow.

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      • Hmm it annoys me that we paid so much fo him. The decision amongst us fans would be easier, I suspect if we the club hadn't gone and spent £35m.

        BUT we are where we are and on th eface of it Carroll has something that suggests that he will be a handful fo any defense if he keeps his head screwed on. It's all there but it just needs developing.

        personally I think I'd like to see some creative and skillfull players put around him. Last yearsuggested that while we created lots of supposed chances a lot of them probably weren't real guilt edge opportunities.

        With a £17m bid after a loan spell on the table and his relatively low wages I think I'd tell them to walk. Say he had a blinder next season for us or West Ham. That £17m looks cheap again doesn't it?