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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jul 28, 2012 13:25 Flag

    £17m Andy Carroll bid

    The question is how much are FSG willing to lose on the sale of Carroll?

    Maybe somewhere between £17 - 30m?

    So perhaps £25m? However is anyone prepared to spend that on Carroll? Doubtful?

    Also Carroll wasn't a Rodgers buy. So is Carroll gonna be a round peg in a square hole player? Or Can Rodgers make him fit in his system?

    If He plays 2 upfront him & Suarez then that may work for certain games. We need other options.. Ironically we have a finisher in Bellamy as proven in the GB game.

    So perhaps we could save some cash and keep Bellamy for one last season? In tn meantime our scouts should be working hard to look for options until the summer?