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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 30, 2012 17:28 Flag

    £17m Andy Carroll bid

    All due respect Hobbs, but recon 17M would be a bargain for Carroll, and we'd be fools to give him away. Maybe he should go if he's not the ideal candidate for BR's plans, but not for a major discount.

    Put it this way, of the British players in the league right now same or similar age, same position (and assuming they had the same run on their current deals which I think is 4 years) what would they cost? Maybe compare with Sturridge, or Welbeck?

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    • Its clearly a major discount on the amount we paid out but I think 99.5% of the world would agree that the figure was ridiculously inflated. I think at the time with his form took into consideration, I would say his value was £22m tops. To try and get a bit of perspective Ballotelli was £18m, Aguerro £35m, both are young players and we are hearing that Cavani (in the form of his life) could be on the move for £35m.

      I think to add more detail to your question it would be a case of "How much would Sturridge and Wellbeck be worth if their managers no longer wanted them?" I very much doubt that Sturridge would be anymore then £17m when in favour so maybe more like £12m? Wellbeck, I dont really see a situation right now where United wont want him but if he did fall out of favour then I assume that would be because of a dip in form so again, somewhere similar?