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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jul 31, 2012 09:11 Flag

    £17m Andy Carroll bid

    Its clearly a major discount on the amount we paid out but I think 99.5% of the world would agree that the figure was ridiculously inflated. I think at the time with his form took into consideration, I would say his value was £22m tops. To try and get a bit of perspective Ballotelli was £18m, Aguerro £35m, both are young players and we are hearing that Cavani (in the form of his life) could be on the move for £35m.

    I think to add more detail to your question it would be a case of "How much would Sturridge and Wellbeck be worth if their managers no longer wanted them?" I very much doubt that Sturridge would be anymore then £17m when in favour so maybe more like £12m? Wellbeck, I dont really see a situation right now where United wont want him but if he did fall out of favour then I assume that would be because of a dip in form so again, somewhere similar?