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  • MichaelM MichaelM Jul 30, 2012 22:00 Flag

    Carrool £2m West Ham loan deal..

    West Ham catagorically deny any dealings have occured according to Sky Sports News.

    I think there may be something cynical about this whole saga. Someone with the help of the media deliberately trying to thawrt our preparations for the coming season..

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    • It's official: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19056545

      Dempsey will be a red soon methinks!

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      • Well sorry but this is not a good deal.
        First off we will no doubt be paying a percentage of his wages.Then if they go down we get him back!A returning player coming back to a manager who let him go out on loan with a view to trying to get rid of him with 50% off!
        Sticking to your football philosophies is one thing,but if Bucky can't accomodate an England centre forward,then that shows an inflexability and inability to produce a"plan B" when someone is facing you down with a flat back ten!
        I appreciate his style of football will take time,but first impressions are we do not have someone to dictate the pace of a game,hence his want of Allen.But it has looked very ponderous almost pedestrian.The other concern is last year we couldn't take our chances,this year we can't create them!
        I know there are still players to return(and hopefully others to arrive)but these three games make you realise how long this transformation will take.I hope we all have the stomach and patience for it