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    Nuri Sahin

    Anybody know about this player from Real Madrid?

    Supposedly Rodgers is after him and wants to nab him from under the noses of Arsenal.

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    • United fan in peace. Basically a far far far better version of Charlie Adam. Beautiful left foot, plays in deep midfield, has a better long game than short (a la Alonso), but a better short game than Alonso and Adam too.

    • Yea, Colyn, it's actually quite funny so many people say that about sarcasm, yet the more I meet and talk to people from your side, even when I was there, I seem to raise the bar another level.. It's especially hard here on the boards, if you catch my drift..

      Anyways.. Mr Armchair definitely deserves some credit for the post, so credit given where due, though he has posted every player in Fifa's registry (sorry armchair just a fun jibe). But Sahin has been on the radar for a while, and now we just await the actual confirmation..

      Regarding others, if you just want to go by what I think, possibly "hear" ( and btw I am truly sorry for Gaston, his agent royally f'd him, and us, which you can publically read now).. Our final 2 are still Tello, and Dempsey who appears to be closer pending Charles Manson accepting a move the other way which seems to be inevitable with a 6th midfielder (Sahin) coming in ahead of him..

      There could be one last very late name, I don't have it, or know it, but it's pending the Carroll situation so it's more or less a case of out for in, but it's supposedly a quite high quality forward player, but in this instance it is a sale first to buy. I could give a friendly guess and say that kid Leandro Dimaio from Brazil, or maybe even Adebayor on a cut rate price.. just guesses really..

      But even per Rodgers via the website yesterday, he's hopeful for 2-3 more in, and said there will be outs, so hold on to your chairs... not too tightly, the outs won't be too difficult to deal w..

    • I think this signing will look better if it does mean we are losing either Adam or Spearing. I know I am the only LFC fan on here that rates Adam as good enough, even for back up (11 assists and 2 goals arent that bad!) but if he can be a make weight in a deal for Dempsey then let it be. Having a midfield to select from as follows is pretty impressive:
      Gerrard - Lucas - Allen
      Sahin - Henderson - Adam
      Shelvey - Spearing - Suso

      Thats strong enough!!

    • More than strong enough with just the 5/6:

      Gerrard, Lucas, Allen, Sahin, Jonjo, Henderson even Suso/Coady..

      Jay and Adam are going, almost certainly Adam, Jay may escape the chop out of sentiment and it's a shame for the lad because if he had more skill/size he'd be a nice player, but heart and Liverpool born just aren't enough..

      You've got to admit it's REALLY nice to see what BR is doing here with the central midfield. Young, International, extremely talented and classy, all capable of doing multiple jobs and interchangeable. Gerrard and Sahin are even capable of being well advanced close to the front, almost part of the front 3, if needed.. Same can be said if/when Dempsey joins, he can play all over the place, but obviously we'd prefer him banging in 15 goals or so..

      That's the best thing about this new look, goals from everywhere, not so reliant on just creating them for the front..

    • Makes a change. To to quote Big X from The Great Escape "we'll confound and confuse the enemy".

      Thats my hope with Brendan's squad and tatics that we'll be very hard to play against and hard to read.

      That it'll be like the old days that nobody wanted to play us..

      I can't wait for the new season and if Suhin is as good as we hope then will we put in a bid for him at the end of the season?

    • You've got to think there is some outs from that list. Spearing just gets pushed down the pecking order, so surely he can see he's surplus to requirements with a sale most likely but maybe a loan for one last chance to improve. Suso also has little chance of seeing much playing time, even in cups, but as a youngster who may have outgrown the reserves, loan most likekly outcome.

      I'm with you on Adam. I think most got caught up with all the talk from last summer and even the January before thinking he was the Celtic Xavi, when really he's a sub 10M squad player. I actually think he looked quite good when he had Lucas beside him, but was left wanting and exposed to his poor tackling and lack of pace when the Brazilian feel injured. So I'd be fine keeping him as a backup, but it does make sense to use him as a makeweight to bring Dempsey in. It would seem to make sense on the other side of the equation also, where he'd fill in for the absent Danny Murphy, so will likely get a lot of football.

    • I agree. It is good news (to me anyway) that Rodgers feels that the midfield needs strengthening. I seemed obvious to me last season that even with some good football being played etc. we lacked some real leadership and direction from the middle. Every successful side has that "Animal" in the middle. Toure last year for City for example. We simply need to strengthen that area.

      Now with that are becomming stronger then it's obvious that there will be casualties. Those that aren't quite up to speed and offer little more. That to me means Spearing (which is a shame btw) and Adam. I honestly thought he was a good buy last year as I was again looking for that strong midfield. He hasn't quite provided that base unfortunately. If he had we would be talking about someone else!

      Anyway cross fingers Sahin is signed and proves to be the prospect that we all hope he is / can be.

    • Welp, I stand corrected, unless this is another tremendous case of quiet and smoke and mirrors, there will be no announcement in the next days, if at all. Potentially it could be one we don't like..

      A key piece in this, is Alex Song imminent departure to Barcelona, and the money Arsenal have just got for Judas..

      The X factor is the relationship between Jose & Rodgers, plus LFC and Fail Madrid having done business before.. Turning into a saga..

      He was a GREAT player in Germany, and really could be a GREAT player again, but if his heart is that determined on Arsenal, which is heresay unless we hear from him, then it's best we move on or stick with what we've got, not including Manson. The Sahin addition had also cast shadows over Jordan's PT and status at the club believe it or not..

      I'd still like to think with everything he's got in his locker including youth/experience, he can "come good" (the term I hate most) because he's an actual youngster, and Jonjo has been superb all pre-season, and the trainings. Though I admit Sahin is far better than both.. But anyways.. sit tight..


      Side note.. Fulham have fined Clint Dempsey for refusing to play tomorrow and sitting out. He really really wants a move away, so that is becoming a bit of a saga too.. Should be a really interesting final week and half to bizarro season.. Plus we could always come in with a sneaky 50M bid for Cavani as well

    • Any news about this?

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      • He's been left out of Madrid's official squad, and said to have already left Spain for England via Madrid and Spanish sources..

        I'm strictly going on Spanish news on this, none of the England or US crap..

        So I've translated, we wish the player well, he has collected his things to depart from Spain to ....

        Supposedly it's a loan, Arsenal seem keen to buy, not sure if Jose/Madrid are open to the buy, but all Madrid parties want him to choose Liverpool but it's up to him really..

        I'd expect an answer within 2-3 days latest, because he's got to be headed somewhere unless he's going on a holiday in the UK

    • Well, let's just give it 24-48 hours to hear something official shall we.. ? At least to just show more optimism..

      All I do know for sure is that he's absolutely gone from Spain/Madrid.. where he turns up may seem inevitable, but could certainly be a flip of the coin..

      If we miss out, we miss out. To be honest, the harder news to swallow is that Tello started for Barca today, and is putting in a wonderful performance, as always, so I can't see any way humanly possible he's going, not that I was ever convinced he would in addition to his home sickness issue as youngster..

      To be honest, above and beyond the talent and youth Sahin and Tello may represent, we need a true, out and out goal scorer. I don't view Borini is a proper attacking winger/striker, whereas I think Suarez should do with all his nutmegs and wonderful plays, but then there should be someone with predatory instincts in there waiting to just finish them off.. Whether it's a matter of possibly inserting Assaidi when ready, and having him and Suarez flank Borini as the main option, or buyin another striker, is the situation that really needs addressed..

      We created way too many chances to have not at least scored 1, let alone lose 3-0 despite being man down..

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