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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Aug 18, 2012 05:35 Flag

    Hopes for the new campaign....

    So another season is upon us, thank ***** for that. I'm so over all this Olympic cr@p.... :-)

    Curious on people's expectations of our boys for the new campaign.

    I can't see us cracking the CL spots again this season. With all the changes in personnel - both in the squad and the backroom - it's all going to take time to bear the fruits of progress. I have high hopes on us improving on our simply appalling league points total last season..... the unknown is whether that improvement will get us over the top of Spurs/Newcastle/Arsenal into that 4th spot.

    My main hope for BR is that he gives the league games some kind of priority, and if tinkering is to be done it's for the cup runs. Oh how I'd love to see what we're probably capable of when the manager focusses most on what should be our bread and butter.... the f***king league.

    1. City
    2. United
    3. Chelsea
    4. LFC (here's hoping)
    5. Spurs
    6. Arsenal

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    • That's quite a fall fo Arsenal you're picking there. I guess that might depend most on the Song situation moe than the RVP one. They do sem to have players who have their head urned though and really seem to struggle to get players onto new contracts, or should I say be a little guilty of letting them wind down perhaps?

      I'd certianly like to see us back in the top 4, incredible if we could achieve it but I still don't think we quite ready.

      It's exciting times fo us though. We know what Rodgers will try and bring and that fits very well with what any of us like to see at Liverpool.

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      • If BR is ahard-core no nonsense manager and already has the players respect I feel sure we will better our points tally in League this season and may well do so to such an extent that we break back into top four. IF he hasnt got all the players 100% behind his ideas and there snt sufficient respect for him it means hes not bad-ass enough and we probably still have a fair few salary mercenaries on board just looking to see how hight their bank balances are going rather than how high theyare managing to take us in the league week by week...we shall see. Come on u Boys !!!
        Give those Baggies a thumping at the Hawthorns today its payback time for last seasons result when Woy was in charge there!