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  • Apparently we had an 88% pass completion rate, better than any team last season!!!!!!

    WHOOPDEEFOOKINDOO!!!!!!!! What is the point of keeping the ball if youre not gonna score and lose?

    We played well last season and the results were shit, seems like more of the same. We have lost too much quality in Kuyt, Maxi and Bellamy and not brought nearly enough in depth or quality.

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    • End of the day its about expectations, and while your earlier post about denting enthusiasm is a fair point as so much of what can raise a team is belief, I also think it’s important to stay realistic about where we are, where we're going, and how long it’s going to take to get there.

      Personally I was hoping, and maybe expecting full points at the Hawthorns. However I was also expecting a major bump in the road sooner rather than later to bring us down to the ground. The question mark is how we react to that reality check, as this will allow us to better see the character of this team.

      Maybe this is being overly optimistic, or trying too hard to see a silver lining, but in some ways having the reality check earlier rather than later may not be such a bad thing. If we'd picked up the 3 points Saturday, gone north of the border Thursday and got a result, we would have gone into Sunday, and ahead to what can only be described as one of the hardest sets of fixtures in our seasons, on a high.

      However just being confident alone is not the best preparation for tough matches. Knowing you need to get better, knowing you'd better listen to the boss, and really knuckle down in training however, might be what we need to react correctly and enable us to get something out of the next few weeks.

    • It;'s a fair point that both you and Hobs have made DSteer regarding the short preseason that we've had. Euro's and Olympics combined it's been far from perfect.

      I guess it's also fair to realise the pure and simple scale of the task that faces Rodgers.

    • Sorry sofa, but that makes no sense at all, so really not sure what your trying to say.

      I suggest we don't look much different from last term: at least 11 v 11 we dominated possession, passed the ball well, created chances, however were wasteful with the chances we did create and were vulnerable on the counter attack. My suggestion is that after only an abbreviated pre-season should we be shocked that the team has not taken onboard and perfected everything the manager is trying to teach them, and therefore they still look like what they did at the end of last season.

      You suggest that City won, which would back up my logic, they also look pretty much like they did at the end of last term, which is what you'd expect.

      So are you agreeing with me?

    • I'll tell you why Steer..

      Cos other teams like man City won they too had a pre-season like every1 else..

      We should've done far better

    • To be honest I'm not sure why so many are shocked what I saw was not much different from last term but why would people expect much different? Same starting 11 other than Borini and Allen both in their first real match for the club. Most players did not even have a full pre season so why expect revolution when we know it's going to be an evolution.

    • I hope so too. Wasn't overly please with what I saw either.

      If I were to say I'm a little worried right now I wouldn't be lying. First game you should be raring to go, but with essentially the same players as last year we were beaten fair and square.

    • NOO NOO...itll get better ? It better not get any worse !!!

    • The hardest thing about today is the realisation of how far away we are from the likes of Newcastle, Tottenham and dare I say Everton.........

      Im watching the game now and both Totty and Castle just look the part by whick I mean seroius challengers for the fourth spot.

      We are not even close........!


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      • Would I be barking up the wrong tree completely or doing the opposite of pleading to the masses in saying, I'm already passed it, and ready to turn the page for some optimism?

        There's no masking 95% of that match, performance and result, which I eluded to in other comments, but at the same time, we've got this spine that we all, even other clubs truly respect and believe in, starting with Reina through Skrtel, Gerrard/Lucas (now Allen) and up to Suarez..

        Much of the squad remains, most importantly the best / key figures from last season and we had that weird, uncanny knack of putting up our very best efforts in the biggest games, often getting results, particularly being well at Anfield in those games..

        I can't pretend I'm not concerned going into City, now having lost Agger for a shocker of a day, though debatable call, leading with Carra in there, but at the same time, if they're grown men, great players, some good, but have pride, ambition and want to make the fans and the shirt proud, will put in a 200% shift this week, where I know Rodgers will break them in training.. And come out vs City and FIGHT..

        That's all I can ask, and the best I can do is hope to believe. Plus, we'll have a full Allen, more from Lucas, Assaidi will presumably be in the lineup, Sterling surely included, and perhaps Clint Dempsey, if not also another, either Sahin or Tello available, maybe even another surprise... It's the only way to think and go.. Of course we have to get results like this, even if a tough draw, but we need to chalk it off, dust up and kick on..

        Hey, I'm trying guys! YNWA

    • Stats mean nothing! You can have 95% possession and 50 shots on target but you are S**T if you can't convert the chances into goal, as simple as that.

    • Well that is something at least if we are making passes and they are getting to the players then we aint giving the ball away but still a shambles