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  • Damo Damo Aug 19, 2012 10:47 Flag

    Excuses, excuses, excuses.....

    Why oh why have we become a club that tries to excuse crap performances with 'bad luck'? I actually thought that BR might stop it and bring a new attitude but after listening to him trying to say we were 'unlucky' it just makes me think that he's not fit for the job! We weren't unlucky at all, we were beaten by a well organised yet average team. We however are badly organised, badly trained and sadly lacking in every department! If that's what BR brings to the club I'll give him until christmas.....

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    • Damo. Just a couple of years younger than you fella and I remember those times quite well. Lets keep away from the petty insults eh.

      If you're not happy with Rodgers' press conference that's fine you're entitled to your opinion. It's very easy to say X or Y when you're top of the tree, when you're trying to build something and get people to believe in your methods then giving players a kicking after the first 90 competitive minutes might not be the right tack. As I said I'm sure different things are being said behind closed doors.

      As a final point I was also concerned a few weeks back when he said that every player has their price. However, The far bigger concern to me was the performance, I was hoping for more progress but we've got a fair length still to go it seems.

    • Rathwr complaining in the media we should do it behind closed doors..BR should be doing that.. otherwise it'll provide ammo to our rivals.. knowing they can get under our skin..

    • Well we might have been unlucky with some of the cards but I think the point BR was making was that we were unlucky with the pens.

      Absolute garbage and Damo is right to call him on it. Both were pens and we'd be up in arms if they weren't given at the other end.

      The officials got the major decisions of the match right and performed well. Our team on the other hand ...

    • Either you are too young to remember the 70's and 80's or you are happy to accept excuses. This was BR opportunity to state that mediocrity is unacceptable but he came out and said we were unlucky. That just isn't true and if thats the type of man in charge then I'll happily see him go tomorrow let alone christmas! I listened to too many people last season saying how unlucky we were by hitting the post so many times etc.... Guess what,,,, THAT'S a MISS in my book!!! I will only accept honesty from our manager and either he was at a different game to me yesterday or he's just another bull sh*tter!

    • So we're pushing the panic button now then? There were no excuses today, poor performance by a side that isn't at the level we want.

      Not only are we still suffering from the poor decisions made over the last few seasons but we're also trying to change the whole playing philosophy of the club.

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      • Noo Noo, poor response my friend, I don't have a panic button and would never push it if I did but as a philosophy Br needs to keep his mouth shut and get on with sorting the mess out and not making excuses that we were unlucky! We weren't unlucky at all... completed passes does not win games, keeping the ball does not win games, missing chances does not win games and that might be the players fault but the philosophy harboured by Liverpool all those years ago did not embrace 'bad luck' or 'we should have got more out of the game', it was based on winning, pride and no excuses!