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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Aug 19, 2012 12:01 Flag

    Excuses, excuses, excuses.....

    So Damo, you don't think we were unlucky with any of the decisions? Or do you just think Bucky shouldn't be so honest and point out that we were unlucky? Can we just keep some perspective here (god how many times have I said that over the years on here!)It's one game at the beginning of the season.He is effectively trying to re-educate players esp' the back 4 into playing a completely different way.Not only does he want the ball played out he has also gone to zonal marking (funny how the anti rafa media arn't slaughtering him for that!)
    The result is 3 points dropped,so we're 3 points off the top.Not 10, not 20 not 30.
    The performance is the worry.Too many players trying to do what they think the manager wants, as opposed to what they've been taught.Resulting in doing neither!
    This process will take time, it will take a change in mindset, it will take a change in players( we may have to sell to finance this)
    but either you're with us or you're not.
    And just to go back to the decisions 4 yellows for LFC but 1 for WBA? And Olson twats SUEREZ at least 3 times and gets nothing? Suerez getsures his frustration to a linesman 50-60 yards away and gets booked? But Shane Long tells the same linesman to fuck off from 10 yards and gets? Oh I forgot that's just making excuses. We were piss poor yesterday but let's not pretend Phil Dowd had his finest 90 minutes either.