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  • Hans Hans Aug 21, 2012 16:13 Flag

    Adam johnson and Andy carrol would be a perfect fit..

    Adam johnson and Andy carrol would be a perfect fit..and i think a deadly goal scoring combination.. comments please

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    • I dont think thye would be a perfect fit what with Carroll being a striker and Johnson a left footed, right winger, do you mean as a partnership?!
      Also, Johnson isnt much of a byline and crosser, the guy wants to come inside and short pass or shoot, I want him to come in desperately but I dont see the connection to be honest.

    • Got to admit I'm a bit luke warm on Johnson. I like him and think he adds real ability, but I worry he might be a bit of a one trick pony.

      Take the England match last week. Maybe not a great example as both sides were under strength, but he was full of tricks the first half, and then faded away. It’s like once he'd shown the Italian defenders his bag of goodies they knew how to deal with him.

      But the problem is I've just not seen enough of him to know if he has a second act or not. Seems Mancini just never gave him or the rest of us a chance to see if there was a part two. But maybe that speaks volumes. Mancini is on record wanting another fast winger, so why is he willing to sacrifice Johnson? Some say it’s a personality thing, but if he can patch things up with a hot headed Argentine like Tevez, then surely a pussycat like Adam would be an easy job, if he was worth keeping.

      I may be completely wrong, and if we do go for him I hope I am, but I’ve had my fill of one dimensional fast wingers coming to Anfield who never quite live up to the promise. I keep dreaming of another Barnes, but we always get much less. All I'm saying is Mancini wants to sell him for a reason, and I'd like to know that reason before rushing in.

    • Adam Johnson +Andy Carrol ...would love to see the two of em up front...for us !!!

    • Spurs want Carroll so that would change things..