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  • I tend to agree along the lines with some of the other posts, I dont think the owners are putting up the money. I think a Dempsey move would have to be funded by a sale of either Caroll or Agger, and surely true to liverpool tradition we will pay entirely too much for him

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    • Dempsy isnt a foolish man his father was coach of the most successful US national side ever...his son knows full well he isnt going to be winning any trophies and gongs with Fulham any time soon so probably jumped at the chance of joining a big club and a rebuilding project in motion as he knows he isnt getting any younger . I think Jol is PO because he knows its the truth and he also knws that unless we sell he aint going to be getting anything off anybody for a player who has stated publicly he doesnt want to play for him anymore.....skinflint owners then anybody ?

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      • It seems Sunderland are starting some discussions with Fulham and Dempsey.

        I did wonder last week if we've actually gone cold on the prospect of signing him. As I understand we'd made and initial inquiry, dropped a clanger thanks to a school boy error by someone at Fox Sports and that's about it!

        I'm not 100% sure or convinced by reports that signing Dempsey (or anyone else for that matter) is dependant upon sales. The sales need to happen for sure but I can't see how that would stand in the way of this one if we were really keen.

        I've got a feeling that Rodgers been looking at other options to be honest.