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  • Gunner who comes in peace here.

    What do you make of the proposed transfer of Theo Walcott to Anfield?

    He is from a family of life-long Liverpool supporters.
    His stats are better than Downing's.

    I don't think he's worth a penny more than £70k p/w
    Aside from speed, there are better players out there.

    Personally I would like to see him gone. He has had too many make or break season chances with us, so maybe he needs a change in playing style and management or even position.

    What do you guys think?

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    • ron j...agree with u on u view of politicians and banksters and to that list Id like to add Insurance companies and Yank football EPL football club owners please. Did u read we just sold Nathen Ecclestone to Blackpool FC ?
      Yes where will the goals come from I too am a big fan of Dani Pacheco lets hope his time has arrived eh . A VERY interesting comment u throw into the mix when u mention that u wonder if Roberto Martinez spotted the Poison Chalice...way things are going considering the rowsing reception Andy C got when he came on v Citeh if I was BR I think I could think of a thousand places Id rather be than Anfield when we play Arsenal.

    • Personally I like to know the full story before passing judgment.

    • Hmmmmm..whatever happens from now we're all in this together? ha.....the next 5 months are going to be very interesting indeed, no regular goal scorers immediately apparent and I dont mean to be insulting to Luis but for me he is a scorer of great goals and a livewire to scare the opposition. Maybe Borrini will settle down...or maybe, my hope, that Dani Pacheco will come good 'cos he cant stay a promising youngster forever. At least it will be a different experience from previous years gnawing my fingernails wondering if our latest big money striker can justify his fee by scoring a sackful every game...now it seems it will be, can someone...anyone give us a goal? Curious but apprehensive, I'm afraid......I wonder if Roberto Martinez spotted the poison chalice?..

    • That's a fair point Dave but we can criticise based on what we do know can't we?

      For example, look at how BR has handled this window. Look at his rush to get AC off the books. Look at the "Nutcase" statement.

      I'm very happy to criticise and apportion blame for those.

    • Actually Ron I agree with everything you said there. 6M is what it’s being reported Spurs will pay, so we missed out for what in relative terms is a small amount of money. I'm not sure where to portion blame, which is why I don't fly off the handle calling the owners cheap, or the manager a yes man, or other things.

    • speaking only for myself, hopefully as a member of the human race, the main thing I think I've learned in my 70 years is never ever trust a politician of whatever persuasion. There are one or two arround who may be half decent but mostly they're all tarred with the same brush. Bankers are the same.
      I've also always believed that you should live within your means and that applies equally to football clubs, but then in business you have to speculate to accumulate, but keep it modest and within reason and in line with a realistic business plan for growth 'cos in football now if you dont you'll be overtaken and end up sinking to mid table and even worse. I dont want us to waste megga bucks on big name mercenary stars or a new collosal superdrome stadium. Anfield is home enough to me and I'm happy enough with the way we seem to be going with the pattern of play being developed now. But what I'm not happy with is we are now shorn of a full compliment of strikers and seemingly too pennypinching to rectify this deficiency. £7m for Dempsey seems to me to be no more than a pi@S in the pot and not on the scale of the high life live now pay later twaddle you seem to be suggesting and cautioning against.

    • Thanks for the history lesson, but I know all too well about Thatcher, and worked very hard when I was younger to roll back what I see as a stain on a liberal society, but I'd rather not talk politics on a football message board. For that matter maybe I should leave Dickens out of it also as I'm admittedly no scholar of the Victorian writers. Although as it seems you do profess more knowledge of the subject than I, I'm surprised you would equate someone with a fondness for him to be a Thatcherite. Maybe you did not learn the same lessons from reading him as I did.

      But back to the subject at hand, we're talking about how LFC should be run which for me is an institution, and therefore should be preserved. Considering our recent history of near financial meltdown, only saved by our present owners and the high court, and seeing other storied clubs suffer greatly in recent years, a bit of prudent financial management would seem in order, rather than playing fast and loose with borrowed money. Actually come to think about it, risking other people’s money, and encouraging people to go into debt so they can live the high life today actually sounds more like what a Thatcherite Tory would say, or at least that was the lesson I took from the 80's or did you take a different lesson from that time also?

    • Aw c'mon Steer....dont go getting upset..it was only a bit of harmless funning to relieve the tension of transfer deadline day. After all the learned and reasoned arguements you give us, and the lovely little hommilies and your patient explanations too it was just too much to resist catching the head boy on a small point. I'm sure Napoleon didnt mind too much anyway. As for Mrs Thatcher.......well ...your well out of it now being Stateside. The arrogant posh boys we've got now are 10 times worse..."we're all in it together, but you're in it much more than we are"..... sorry again 'cos this has absolutely nothing to do with football or football finances!

    • dsteer....With u rattling on about keeping the club in the black and now wouldnt we ...want the club to be run by successful and innovative businessmen...what do u expect u sound more like Thatcher than ...THATCHER !! She btw was a SHOPKEEPERS daughter from Grantham . She was also constantly trying to make out she was just a housewife and going on and on about the housewife having to make ends meet and stay in the black by balancing the family budget ...this while she gave all our spare dosh away to her filthy rich friends in tax-cuts.
      So....if u dont want to be identified with her I suggest u tone down u rhetoric a bit and try to sound less like her .While we are at it I dont want the US run by a successful and innovative businessman either that Prize Pr*** Romney but maybe if u so keen on :successful and innovative businessmen: u do. As for u knowledge of Literature I think the best u can do is not allude to literature anymore on this board on what u just stated in that part of u post refering to authors think the kindest thing I can do is simply say...no comment And not award a grade at all.

    • I was actually quoting a Tale of Two Cities, but whether I got it completely correct or not I'll let the scholars answer, it has been a while since I read it. But I believe it’s a line from the book Dickens attributes to Napoleon, but whether Bonaparte actually said it, or the author made it up for poetic license others can tell me.

      But again rather than picking holes in my limited recall of literature, what is wrong with shop keepers? Do you not like our club owned by successful and innovative businessmen?

      One last point, please don't put my name and Thatcher’s in the same sentence. I try not to be personally offensive to others on this board, but do need to let you know that one touched a nerve for me. Whether you meant to be offensive or not I don't know, hence this statement, but your follow up will tell me if it was a weak attempt to be funny or really trying to cross the line.

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