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  • keiron keiron Aug 30, 2012 18:52 Flag

    Andy carroll going out on loan

    News on sky sports that andy carroll going out on loan to west ham with the option to go there permanent i think this is a really stupid move right before the transfer window closes we are low on attackers as it is and we needed one now we need at least 2.

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    • Then Carroll goes and scores on his debut and West Ham beat Fulham..

      Gonna come back and bite us on the arse for sure..

    • Some might say that, I couldn't possibly comment Ralf ;-).

      Dunno on the contract but I doubt it. Even if we did, how do you think AC would react to being recalled after the way we've treated him. Even Brendans love beads wouldn't be enough to win him over. :-)

    • When your manager lets your most expensive striker leave on loan for a season, then fails to replace him, some people may think that is the act of a nutcase.

      Does anyone know if LFC has a recall clause in AC's loan agreement, e.g. if you suffer injuries?

    • Well I'm surprised.

      I get that he doesn't fit the new team style, but I watched him okay for England against Sweden in the euros and he put the fear of God into their defence and scored a great goal.

      To discard him so absolutely seems strange, he could be at least an impact player, if not a tactical selection against some teams.

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      • Thing Ralf is that Carroll wanted regular football and to play all the time.. Rodgers couldn't promise that.. so it was decided in the interests of LFC and Carroll to let him be loaned out.. I dunno why we just didn't sell him outright.. and get some money in our accounts..

      • RALF S...My thinking too mate but obviously not the thinking of BR Im 99% certain the word came from on high to bin Andy C no matter what before the transfer window closes and he did just that.
        Does the term Yes-Man come to mind ?
        You say it seems strange this transaction Im with u there ...maybe we will find out via the press when Andy is eventually sold on to WHU as Im sure he will beif Big Sam is still in charge there end of season..just what in Andys words really went down cos he either upset BR big style or somehow upset the owners but maybe we will never know? If hes disgruntled enough about the way BR dealt with him since he arrived then maybe we will find out I know were I him I would want the fans to know the truth...he was given one hell of a welcome from the fans when he came on as sub v City. Good luck to the lad !

    • Fernando Llorente perhaps?

    • Hey Colin

      As I said at the time to Dave, the "nutcase" quote was full of caveats ...

      "Once the window shuts, that is it until January. I have got Suárez, Fabio Borini and Andy Carroll. I would need to be a nutcase to even consider at this moment to let Carroll go out, unless there are other solutions for that."

      It sounded to me at the time that it was a clear signal that he wanted AC out. As you say, we have to believe that he's got someone big lined up eh?

    • armchair...check my previous posts with regard to owners and BR 's relationship to them...I said hed been told by owners to get Andy C down the road so we have both a NUTCASE his own words and a YES MAN for the owners as our manager...whoever he brings in and hed better bring someone or others even to replace Andy they better be good and hed better hope Andy C doesnt score loadza goals at WHU for Big Sam...and hed beter hope whoever he brings in will secure top 4 spot and get us back in Champions League OR ...his days at Anfield will be numbered.
      Quite right too !

    • Good luck Andy.. shame it didn't work out at LFC..

    • So we've a nutcase for a manager or simply a "yes man" who was told by FSG to offload Carroll..

    • Ron j.....Id have to be a NUTCASE to let Andy Carrol go on loan.
      Remeber that quote from last week by a certain BRENDAN ROGERS ? Seems we have a seldf confessed NUTCASE for a manager .
      Reina ....careless hands ? Remeber that crappyold song ?

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