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  • Loki Loki Aug 30, 2012 23:29 Flag

    Pepe Reina

    I see Pepe has continued the form this season that he has been Showing for the last 18 months. He needs to get his @ss in gear otherwise this could be his last season. His poor positioning, lack of communication with the boys in front of him is costing us goals. He needs some real competition coz I've said it before, but he knows that no matter how badly he plays in one game, he will be still picked for the next one. That's not good for him or the team and complacency has definitely crept in. Feel free to disagree and jump on my case.

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    • As far as mistakes go, last nights was a clanger and a half. But I'd put it to you that there is no perfect goalkeeper out there, and the best are not the best shot stoppers (like the Dutchman at Swansea) but those who have the fewest bad days at the office.

      So I'm not defending Reina, but nor am I going to point to a single mistake and say he's washed up, especially after seeing so many clangers by so called good keepers at other clubs in just the first couple games of the season.

      But I will point out the plus side of Reina who has saved our bacon on a number of occasions, and watching him last night with the ball at this feet, I cannot think of a better keeper (playing the ball) to fit BR's ideas.

      Therefore I'm not against competition; this should not have to be said and should apply to all players as there should never be a player who thinks he's an automatic starter. But I'd also be careful not to write off a player who has consistently been a rock for us, and I think can be for many more years to come.

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      • Just need something to give him his spark back I guess. I agree with the ball at feet or in the hand his distrbution can be priceless.

        I mean how many other goalies are you likely to get an assist from in your Fantasy Team?

        Serious point though, I beginning to wonder about the ball again. Fredirici (Reading) has dropped 3-4 clangers already this season and does not look comfortable at all. He's also been much better.

    • I saw somebody mentioning giving Doni a game which did make me laugh, Jay Spearing would do a better job then him! Agreed, he has been getting away with poor form for a while now, 2 mistakes in 2 games isnt too clever and last year was definitely his worst at LFC. He used to have an amazing GK coach under Rafa, maybe that guy needs to be brought back! At the end of the day, he is a fantastic keeper but a long run of poor form and not being that good anymore are really not that far apart! Hope he fixes up soon.

      He doesnt have any sort of competition whatsoever, Jones and Doni are laughably bad stoppers, I honestly would rather have David James on the bench.

    • Loki...said same as u on the board after City game as have had misgivings about hiskeeping for a long time now bout last two seasons if Im honest...thing was I got quite a bit of flack for my criticism but quite a lot of posters did also seem to have the same misgivings ...perhaps we should have offloaded him to Arsenal when they showed quite a lot of interest in him I d think right now wed struggle to get much above 8/10 mill at best.