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  • Colyn Colyn Aug 31, 2012 11:10 Flag

    D-Day ins and outs

    The melting pot is beginning to bubble away like mad so I thought I'd bang this thread up to collect all our LFC news.

    So far we have

    Carroll to West Ham on loan . No fee but all wages paid and no option to buy.

    Spearing to Bolton on loan

    Adam to Stoke. £4m deal

    Henderson has been offerd out on loan as well believe.

    Cole is sticking it out having rejected a move to Spartak Moscow.

    Yesil has joined us, or will do shortly.

    Dempsey saga still rolls on with Fulham accepting a £7m offer from Villa.

    Chelsea have had a bid rejected from Leverkuesen for Schuerrle which puts any deal for Sturridge at risk (for want of a better term)

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    • I think if I was Dempsey I would have been well insulted at a £4m offer & I'm not surprised if he has opted for Spurs - good luck to him.
      And well done to the yanks for another lesson in total incompetence - they are really proving good at that

    • I think we're all scratching our heads a bit. Or in a blind rage

    • FFS....dyerknow Noo Noo at this stage Id have taken Billy Sharp on loan from Saints but even thats not on now 'cos he's gone on loan to Notts Forest.....ding fu@kin dong.

    • I doubt that Rodgers is doing the actual negotiation

    • ....I've just seen reports saying that we've offered £4M for Clint D but Fulham are sticking for £7M which is the sum Villa offered...(seems reasonable attitude). Watching the deadline ticker tape going through with various derisory comments on this I got to say that we are begining to make real fools of ourselves (on top of the Andy Carroll business). To pinch a phrase from ole Richard Nixon...."Mr Rogers, there comes a time when you have to either sh@t or get off the pot"....and I believe that time is now

    • £4m has been offered apparently. Obviously rejected but remember Dempsey can walk next Summer so Fulham will want something I guess.

      Something will give but did I hear right that Spurs had also put in an offer? Harry's influence still strong there I see. They wont pay their taxes (allegedly) next!

    • hey..it wouldnt surprise me one bit if Fulham stick out for the full hit....if Villa offered £7M as reported, then 'Pool will have to shell out the same. Fulham seem to have already got nasty by accusing us of tapping up Dempsey and unsettling him so I wouldnt put it past Martin Jol and Al Fayad to deliberately stuff us. It's shades of Gareth Barry all over again!

    • Hi Ron

      I think that there isn't going to be a plan B under BR - it will be one way of playing every time - win or lose.

      I reckon that we'll end up paying the asking price for Dempsey (Fulham must know that we're desperate now that AC has already left).

      As for Everton - I guess that shows the benefit of having the same Chairman and Manager at a club for a long time. They both know and trust each other and don't need marquee signings to satisfy fans/media etc. That and everyone knows that Everton don't have much cash so no-one takes the pee out of them on transfer fees & wages.

    • I agree with that Colin.

    • pay as you play sounds a perfectly equitable basis to me for MO....but I'd prefer him to.. stay...clear of injury. It could be a touchy subject.

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