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  • Paddy Paddy Sep 1, 2012 00:15 Flag

    Time to give youth a chance ...

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    • nice joke but on a serious note... he is 21 and made no impact on the first team and never looked likely to. My view is if a young player reaches 18/19 and has not made an impression on the first team he should be out. I am not talking week in week out first team but a young player who can be a good back-up for the first teamers. Our youth policy has been, to say the least, bad. Who have we seen come through? Kelly, Robinson, Flanagan and... thats it! Unless I missed someone, you have to go back to Owen, Gerrard, Fowler I believe. So its good to see Morgan & Sterling figure and lets see them on the bench or even starting as Sterling has done against City.

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      • Agreed Arnold.

        Like you say you have to make a decision on these guys and I don't have a particular beef about it.

        Like I've said up above one silver line from yesterdays f*ck-up is that the youngsters should get games against quality opposition (the Europa league group looks very tasty). They might get a spanking but if we play them in all of those games then we might just unearth an Owen/Gerrard/God? Fingers crossed eh?

    • Well the way I see it is this..

      Now we screwed things up in the main transfer window..

      We'll have to rely on youth to do the business..

      So we've.
      Morgan, Pacheco (who needs a squad number), Yesil.
      Then we've Borini then Suarez as our senior striker..

      These kids will have to grow up fast.. All because Rodgers royally screwed up in the transfer market..

    • ps redpool...mate I opened the link u posted here to cheer myself up and found wed sold Nathen on to Blackpool FC ! ??? Hes another ...STRIKER ??? WTF is going on ? I did raise a laugh though I mean u couldnt make this stuff up eh ? Think we might be seeing some of our support drifting up the coast to our neighbours Blackpool FC ...to see a team with ATTACKING INTENTIONS.

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      • Hey Colin

        Yep - sorry about that, bit of a mischievous post :-)

        In all seriousness (and trying to grasp at straws) a positive to come out of all this is that we will now have to give some big playing time to the likes of Morgan or the new kid. Who knows, we might accidentally unearth another Owen or God!

        I'm guessing that the owners have revised their goal for the manager since getting rid of Kenny. Last year 2 cups wouldn't have been enough to have saved him from an 8th place finish. I guess BR isn't being expected to get 4th place to save his job just balance some books this year eh?