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  • Roy F Roy F Sep 1, 2012 05:31 Flag

    I don't get it

    Liverpool pay 10 million for Adam, 35 for Carrol, 18 for Henderson, 16 for Downing..................Dempsey comes on the market and Liverpool can't come up with a transfer fee to make Fulham sell to them, or a wage packet to entice him???

    I also don't get how when you had 2 so called great scouts at the club in Clark and Van Commene (excuse the spelling)...................Liverpool over looked players like Dempsey and Cisse (Newcastle's) and ended up with Carrol for 35 million!!!! A player who could never play on the same pitch as Suarez due to conflicting styles!

    What the hell is going on. Are Liverpool too broke after wasting so much money or are they less attractive than Spurs and your best days are over for good???

    I like Liverpool and want to see them do well, but the money wasted has been on an enormous scale...................Sheer Negligence!

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    • 2 great scouts? I guess you mean Steve Clarke (who was ass manager) and Commoli (what was he? scout, Director of Football, he was crap anyway). And thats the point all those players were signed when those 2 'great scouts' were at the club; granted, they certainly cant take all the blame.

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      • arnoldlayne....once again mate sorry bout the mix up with posts u must have thought WTF is all this ? Yes...think Commoli should shoulder much of the blame for last seasons transfer farce...Steve Clarke not so sure there. Kenny ? Most wanted to make him culpable for it all till I suggested perhaps Commoli was to blame for which I took plenty of flak fromn the usual suspects.
        Kenny Im sure was involved in discussions as to whether he cpould use certain players oif brought in but Im sure that he wasnt involved withthe financial side of it otherwise why employ a director of football hes surplus to needs. Im sure Kenny said yes like them...but then Woy and the Scottish national team manager are still saying likewise is anybody blaming them for selecting them on a regular basis ?
        Oh dear what a tangled web we weave just hope we can get 3pts tomorrow v Arsenal eh

    • Have to agree with you on this, I believe they sacked KD so that they could bring in somebody who was willing to cut wages and buy cheaper players.
      IMO the reason for not going for a high profile manager but instead look to lower levels such as Wigan and Swansea was so that they could do exactly what they are doing now. They now keep saying that this is a 3 yr plan so there is no pressure on BR yet what has changed fro last season? they sacked KD for not getting 4th.
      I think the truth is they have come in showed their hand with a big spend and then got cold feet or lack of funds or both.
      Tough season ahead!!

    • I get it!!

      FSG lied to us when they claimed they wanted to make us a big club again..

      They had no intentions of spending big sums of money that would've brought in the likes of Cavani..

      We can forget about any big name signings whilst FSG are in charge..