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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Sep 1, 2012 09:01 Flag

    can we have answers please?

    Well even allowing for "glass half full" that last day of transfer business was pathetic.Unless Bucky plans to play a new 4-6 formation we have the most unbalanced squad I've ever seen.
    We've all seen Suerez enough to say he's not a fox in the box. A master creator but not a finisher.So we have sent our £35 million centre forward out to a team who frankly will probably outscore us,let Eccleston go (ok never done it for 1st team but least he can play up front)and have Morgan as back up (too soon)Along side Suerez we have Borini who looks like he will probably finish behind Gerrard in goalscoring.
    The other thing that is puzzling,why in the current climate when strikers are rarer than likeable mancs, does Pacheco not even have a squad number?On the recent tour to the states he played left of the front three very well.
    Is this another case of out with the old in with ....actually no one, we can't afford it!
    We have Lucas out for at least 2 months and Joe Cole whose LFC career has had more false starts than a deaf sprinter!
    What I want is someone to come out from LFC and tell us why we couldn't afford to match Spurs' 5mill plus add ons for Dempsey.
    Least I know why we didnt buy Jorden Rhodes, could't afford him!

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