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    the board 's football knowledge

    Just checking,but John Henry and co do know Robbie's 37 now!
    And do they know Owen has only played 131 games in the last 7 years!
    Or do they have other free agents lined up to try and placate us?

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    • ron j....yeah great daze...I recall when cup ties were settled by STAMINA not some Yankee style must be a winner penalty shoot-out. Recall one such marathon v Arsenal think it was 80 and
      we lost out to Arsenal over a four game marathon starting at Hillsborough then 2 games at Villa Park and finishing up at the old Coventy City gound Highfield Rd where we lost out by a score of 1.0. I attended three of them and missed out on the last one.Been some rare old battles between us and the Arsenal eh ? Hope we can put another one in the win column for us tomorrow.

    • aye ....'pool and Preston played FA Cuptie and drew both the game and the replay so we had to have a 3rd match at Maine Road. We lost 1-nil to a Peter Thompson wondergoal. Shanks then went out and bought him £40k I think. Great times

    • BTY ...yes Id go right out and buy another if it was necessary where my job livelyhood were concerned but its NOT necessary to the owners of our club's livelyhood so they WONT ...end of. If u admire them as businessmen good luck but then they arent FANS of LFC that much I can assure u of...we are just another investment holding in their extensive porfolio to be sold on at what they consider the most opportune moment where their bottom line PROFIT is concerned ...and sold to the devil for all they care if it renders sufficient profit.

    • RON J....Yes Tom Finney the Preston Plumber ! Saw the man play too probably not as often as u did cos looks like u got about 6 more yrs on u clock than me...They must have had a tradition of fine wingers at Deepdale as Shanks picked up my all time fave Peter Thompson from PNE.

    • why do some people on here think it's a bad thing if the owners are successful businessmen? Would you prefer it like when LEEDS UTD was run by Risdale who admitted himself " I was a fan who got carried away"
      The books need to be balanced. I along with quite a few on here wanted Kenny to get another season.To give some (not all) of those signings another chance.But the owners took the decision to replace him.
      Now we have Rodgers who is obviously working under considerable financial restraints, who obviously right up to quite late last night thought he was getting new players in.
      If the owners are wary of spending money,that is their choice.Ask yourself this, if you had spent a sizable chunk of money,on a car, tv, hifi,or pc(it's relative to what you have or earn for a wage) and it was not working right but you can only sell it 2nd hand and lose 50% or more on it. Would you rush out and buy another ?

    • i'm going to have to stop reminising 'cos its doing my head in. ......Billy Liddell what a player, but if there was one guy who I wished had've played for us it was the Preston Plumber Tommy Finney...an hes still going 90 years old. Wish Preston would get into the Prem to give him a buzz. I always liked the quote of Shanks ...Tom Finney would look good playing in any team even if he was wearing an overcoat...ha ha, either wing or centre forward..some geezer!

    • ron j....yeah u got that right bro as u say its still better than the alternative ...lol. Players as u say were far more accessible then than nowadays. Also the salary they earnt back then in the late 50ies early 60ies wasnt really a whole lot more than what a good : tradesman: could be expected to be earning many players retired to such as small corner shop newsagents sweets and tobbaconists or tenant landlords in brewery tithe pubs...finished age 35 most before that age...no retirement on their millions stashed away in Suisse bank accounts.
      My father took me to Bloomfield Rd Blackpool to see the great Stanley Mathews a man ackowledged to be the greatest ever by no less than the legend of Brazilian football PELE. Stan was quoted in his biography as saying....The money doesnt make u play better does it ? I was happy there , they were nice people.I had a lot of friends, thousands of them, on the other side of the touchline. ....This was in 1963 Stan was on 50 quid a week the year Stoke clinched promotion he had played in 35 of their 42 matches and he was 48 yrs old.
      Stan never read this biography quoted above excellent though it was he is quoted as saying...I read the first page and I was embarrassed. I cant take people going on about how good I was. You just do your best, dont you ?
      Can u imagine something like this from Christiano Ronaldo TODAY ?

    • yeah...I remember at first Shanks wouldnt join 'cos the Directors wanted to pick the teamsheet and he was only there to manage the players. Footy was more tribal and more enjoyable then...Club finances depended on Gate Receipts, Pools money..and if you were a bit short of "readys" to buy a player then it was down to the generousity of the Directors putting their hands in their own pockets. Players...even the "stars", were accessable...you could have a "bevvy" with them in the Local, and play dominoes with them and they lived in semi D houses in your street, not like today where they hide away in big mansions behind big walls and big gates and just resort to "tweeting" so you know they're arround. The Football League ran everything...butcher Bob Lord from Burnley and we had 4 divisions and all teams kicked off at 3 pm saturdays so there was no cheating, and the smart ar@es from the FA just ran the FA Cup and picked the England side who were managed by Walter Winterbottom ha ha..now everything is Global with High Finance, meggabuck players get rich quick owners, or if you're lucky a much moneyed sugardaddy sheik or oil rich russian oligarch. It really is a pain in the ar@e at times these days but it's still far better than the alternative eh

    • RON J ...Yes mate but at least weve managed to put in a bit of time and express our dislike of the way this club of ours is currently being run and managed....Oh for a return to the days of the appointment of Mr Shankly eh ?

    • Hey Colin...after LFC's performances in the transfer window culminating in yesterdays debacle I think there's a lot of confusion arround...I know I am

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