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  • Hans Hans Sep 1, 2012 10:05 Flag

    Shocking deadline day

    It is all a bit of a shock? (true) but not the end of the world.. we can still make loan deals, and we do have plenty of fresh blood (new incomings and youth) true experience is a big factor but a hungry and talented teenager can over come that.. i still think a top four is very possible.. we will be ok.

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    • fair play colin. i shouldn't have made that generalisation. there have been a lot of people on here listing players they want out, and quite a lot of them were those brought in by kenny. if it were up to me we definitely wouldn't have got rid of big andy (or at least only if we had a definite goalscorer already in the bag). i'm just trying to be positive about the current situation. I hope it turns out better than everybody is making out on here, if it doesn't, then i will be equally pi55ed off.

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      • Did the team REALLY need Assiadi (soz for mis-spelling his name..) did LFC really have to play £15million for Allen? As good as he is...when you've got Kuyt, Carroll, Bellamy all gone, and are left only with Borini and Suarez you know that a team as goal-shy as LFC have been for the past 12 months or so...(or maybe even further back when the club finished 2nd few years back due to the many draws..) the team is in big trouble...

        I know the club can't afford a Radamel Falcao but still putting the burden on Fabio and Luis is just asking for trouble....

        Gerrard is not what he was a few years back, Reina is going through a Julio Cesar period....