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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 1, 2012 09:24 Flag

    Shocking deadline day

    Wow.....that was a terrible, egg on face last day. To bid £3m for Dempsey was just stupid, to court a player all summer then let him go for that was just ridiculous. I am certain that was just Liverpool trying to force Fulham's hand and to be honest, we got what we deserved, good luck to him and Spurs for getting 2 players on the cheap this season that we were too cheap to complete on.

    I know people will say its because the owners got their fingers burnt on Carroll and co last summer but really, it is pathetic, then even after that to farm out your reserve forwards in Eccleston and Pacheco is even stranger, I wouldnt be suprised to see Heskey, Owen and Fowler back at Melwood next week!

    Were they for real? A champions league aspiring club putting their hopes on Chelsea signing a player so that we can take their young forward on loan? Thats comical, it really is. What sort of moron would let Andy Carroll go out on loan with no concrete deal in place for cover? It is truly remarkable.

    Suarez, great, great player but not prolific, Borini a prospect with huge burden on him, Adam Morgan? You must be kidding me. I am normally forever the optimist but a huge burden has been placed on the shoulders of Assaidi, Morgan, Sterling etc that they just dont need straight away. Realistiically, I doubt very much that we will topple Newcastle and Everton this year let alone the Champions league spots, absolutely ridiculous.

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