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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 1, 2012 09:37 Flag

    Final squad for season

    I'm not going to list as a 25 man squad, rather go by likely positions:

    GK: Reina, Doni, Jones
    Good 1st choice but in a long run of bad form, cover is awful.

    RB: Johnson, Kelly
    As good as anything in the league

    CB: Carragher, Agger, Skrtel, Coates
    Good enough to win the league (though in poor form right now!)

    LB: Enrique, Downing
    Top drawer first choice, untested Downing but a wing option also

    CM: Gerrard, Sahin, Allen, Lucas, Shelvey, Henderson
    More then good enough for top 4

    LF/RF: Cole, Assaidi, Sterling
    That is threadbare for 2 positions. I know Downing is a winger really but that leaves no left back cover, Cole will no doubt spend the season injured or in bad form whilst the other 2 are untested but promising

    ST: Suarez, Borini
    One is a world class player but not an out and out striker, the other is showing potential but certainly wouldnt be seen ahead of anything at Newcastle or Everton!

    I know it is all about building for the future and the long term goals but you arent going to make progress by losing games, how do you keep believing in what your doing when the results wont come? I might sound pessimistic but the top 3 is a dramland, dead after 1 week of the season, top 4 is reliant on exceptional form, a lack of injuries and at least 2 teams flopping completely, then we are looking at medium sized clubs in jealousy of their squads, that, is embarrasing. All we needed was 2 players, just 2 to give us a chance.....

    Rant over, I will be back to normal tomorrow!