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  • Greg Greg Sep 1, 2012 09:42 Flag

    glass half full

    last night i was gutted we hadn't brought in at least one forward player with an eye for goal. watching lfc tv's pointless live programme did not help, as it gave the impression something was going to happen.

    This morning, after a good sleep, i have a bit more perspective.

    our goal keeper, although showing signs of losing concentration a bit, is probably the best to work in rodgers fast moving system. he is as good or better than man utd, arsenal, chelsea and tottenhams (unproven in epl) keepers.

    our defence: having kept Agger is still very strong. we have coates coming through, who i believe will be one of the worlds best within the next couple of seasons. wing backs are great going forward, and with a system pressuring players further up the pitch they are less likely to be exposed in dangerous positions.

    Midfield: one of the strongest, if not the strongest in the league. even without lucas for a couple of months, this year we look strong in all midfield positions.

    Forwards: here is the major problem. However, in suarez we have one of the most exciting attacking players in world football. Borini, although not particularly exciting, i think will find an eye for goal. he makes good runs, and finds good positions. once settled he will knock some in. we have sterling making massive strides, gerrard who can be pushed forward (in fact, due to our strong midfield i wouldn't mind seeing rodgers experimenting with him in the middle up top with suarez and sterling, or borini on either side) we have very little back up here, but feel sure we must be able to call back andy if major injuries occur.

    i know we should be in a better position, with a stronger squad, we are LFC, but we aren't, and a load of bitching and moaning about the current system will not change this.

    our recent history in the market is what has put us in this position. hopefully a window where we haven't paid over the odds for anybody will tell the rest of the world we will no longer be taken for mugs.

    (be prepared for me to completely change my attitude after sundays game if we get beat!)

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    • Hi

      Your assessment of the squad is a reasonable one in my opinion but I'd like to make a couple of negative points ...

      1) " but feel sure we must be able to call back andy if major injuries occur." Firstly I'm not at all certain that's correct and, even if it is, how do you think AC would play given the way that he's been treated by the current management?

      2) The thing which irks me isn't the reality of the fininacial situation, it's the way the whole affair has been managed. As for our owners telling us they are aiming for the top of the tree - who's believing that now?

    • Yes you make some good points. Midfield is very good and everyone's concern is rightly about goals and cover in the event of injuries.

      Had we signed a recognised striker / forward then this mornings discussion would be different I'm sure.

      Time for someone to step forward and start banging them in. Perhaps we have a gem in Yesil for example?